Tips to Colour Alternate Rows in Google Sheet

In Microsoft office some programs like Microsoft Excel offer a versatile feature called Quick Styles to help you rapidly format a certain range as a striped table. It alternates the rows and formatted with dissimilar colours by having zebra lines. It is useful to colour alternate rows in Google sheet. For example see the below image,

alternate-rows-in-google-sheetGoogle sheets not supporting zebra stripes up to now. But you have another option that you can use conditional formatting combined with an effortless Google formula to make a formatted table. In Google sheets applying different colours to rows and columns are too easy.

To perform this the trick is here

Open a Google Sheet and select Conditional formatting from the Formatmenu. Choose Custom Formula from the dropdown and apply this formula in the input box.


Choose a Background colour for the lines (rule) and put the range in A1 notation. For example, if you like to apply irregular (alternating) colours to rows 1 to 100 for columns A to Z, put the range as A1:Z100.

Hit the Add another rule link and do again the steps but place =ISODD(ROW()) as the custom formula and select a dissimilar background colour. Make sure the rules saved and the zebra stripes would be applied to the specified range of cells automatically.

conditional-formattingIf you like to extends this technique to format columns with dissimilar colours, place the =ISEVEN(COLUMN()) formula.

This is all about how to colour alternate rows in Google sheet.

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