Chromebook Shipments Are Blasting, but Can’t Replace Windows

Chromebok Shipments

This year Chromebook shipment increment will be in the double digits, but the devices are not using as windows PC replacements, what Google is expecting for.

According to Mikado kitagawa,an analyst at Gartner this year chromebook shipments are going to increase about 18 percent compared to last year (2015). It will be in the the few areas of growth in an or else slumping PC market.

In 2015, total chromebook shipments 6.5 million units, so shipments in this year will be 7.5 million to 8 million ranges. About 1.65 million Chromebooks shipped in the first quarter of this year and second quarter numbers are still not available.

However the devices are still a small section of the overall PC market, in which unit shipments are likely to reach 290 million units this year. Apart of chromebooks, the windows based 2 in 1 and betting PC segments are also growing.

Chromebooks are having a great sale in North America, where 90 percent of units are shipped last year. The second large sales were in Western Europe. Kitwaga told that chromebook’s will not do well in South America, Asia and Africa.

Connectivity is the largest problem in rising markets, That is why Chromebooks are doing weakly in some areas outside North America said Kitawaga.

Chromebooks are also not available easily outside North America. Availability is limited in china, that is the world’s second largest market for PC, Kitwaga said.

However in some markets over the world, such as Australia and New Zealand, It came to view that people are starting to understand how Chromebooks will be used, so there is still expecting for the devices outside of their present strong hold in North America, kitawaga said.

Education is the main market for Chromebooks, which are mostly bought by students and established in classrooms. Wireless capabilities are obtainable in most educational institutions like U.S. and Canada, and the PCs are cheap to purchase and have good capability Kitagawa said.

If they can make advance inroads in the consumer & business markets there will be a huge opportunity for Chromebooks. Although, they are not still broken the windows PC-replacement market.

Chromebooks have caught on as low-cost, lightweight laptops designed for web computing. The laptops will run on Chrome OS and have limited storage, and most applications need an internet connection.

Chromebooks are fixed for lowcost, lightweight laptops and they are desined for computing. The laptops will run on Chrome OS and have some degree of storage, and most applications need an internet connection.

Chromebooks are not still fixed with businesses, which wish Windows’ ability to run offline applications, Kitagawa said.

But businesses are wanted to use for Chromebooks, Kitagawa said. Chromebooks could be successful secondary laptops or thin customers for internal cloud applications, Kitagawa said.

In the shiny designs, consumer arena and the low-cost of Chromebooks are attracting, but as in the business world, some people are buying them as Windows PC replacements. Consumers — particularly in the U.S. -are warming up to Chromebooks and also the webbased usage model, but turn to Windows for severe or offline applications.

“There was a lot of Chromebook income at the opening, but that has ended now. People understand it,” Kitagawa said.

Google is adding up interesting features such as capable of running Android apps on Chromebooks, but still it is to see whether that will have a force on buying patterns.

Acer, HP and Dell are among the top Chromebook shipment vendors, Gartner said.

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