How can I block ads on Google Chrome?

Inbuilt Adblocker in Google Chrome

In everyday use, Google’s products have become indispensable by everyone. But most of the services are not charged at any cost. How did the search giant company grow so much without any charges? The answer is Ads. Since 2016, the Google Ad contribute about 67% to 68% in total Google’s annual revenue. Adding ad links also increases up to 90%.

In April 2017, Google announced their plans to link an Adblocker with their chrome browser. Accordingly, this Inbuilt adblocker was launched on February 15th. This inbuilt adblocker on chrome will not block all advertisements on the site, but only those that do not reach the metrics of the best quality ads. The 12 types of ads, including pop-up ads, auto-play videos and full-screen ads come under this category.

While you’re browsing, if you want to block ads like this, you can do the following steps and block it.

How to enable inbuilt adblocker on chrome?

1) Tap on the three-line menu on the homepage of Google Chrome.

2) Go to Chrome Settings > Advanced Settings.

3) Under Privacy and security, look for Content Settings.

4) Click Ads.

5) Use the slider to enable ad blocking.

After the announcement of Google, nearly 42% of the sites were able to see improvements in advertising. The websites which don’t meet the quality advertisement criteria has to improve their ad serving methods and quality of ads. If it does not reach that level, Google will block ads for specific sites for 30 days. After this, if you want these sites to be resumed, you should submit a manual review.

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