Are you going to sell jewelry? Do you need your apartments to be sold? No matter what business you have, you will need to present your brand, company, product, or service with the help of an E-commerce website one day. Sometimes it is really difficult to choose one of the candidate companies as they have both benefits and setbacks. However, we made a list of tips for you that may be helpful while choosing the right company.

Check for reviews

If you are looking for such a company on the Internet, you should first do a very simple step. Go to the company’s webpage or find them on social media platforms. Read the reviews and realize what people tell about the developers of the given company. Does the company have credibility? If they are good enough and you find praises, then you can confidently rely on them.

Check Portfolio and ask for the developers’ profiles.

As soon as you confirm the validation of the company, start looking for their previous experience. For example, if you have gold watches, you should check the section called “Jewelry and accessories.” Try to find similarities and differences between your and the company’s approach. Are they special? Do you find anything unique? Are you satisfied with the design, or do you like their vision? Consider all these points and if you still feel the same trust towards them start the cooperation.

It is noteworthy that regardless of the company’s credibility, one developer may be a skillful specialist while the second one may be very irresponsible. To avoid problems and disappointment, you should request a list of developers/designers. Check whether the given specialist meets your requirements, and organize a meeting in person if possible. Asking some technical questions and evaluating the knowledge and the level of experience, you will never hesitate and doubt your choice.

Estimation of Costs

Discuss the pricing plan with the company or the developer you are going to work with. Are you ok with the payment? You need to confirm that you will not be obliged to add more money after the work is done. So it is better to sign an agreement and have a 50/50 payment option.


In most cases, those who hire web app developers are short of time, and they need to have the development completed as soon as possible. You can ask for the timeline, or if you do not want to go that deep, ask them the completion deadline. Confirm that the team or the developer is punctual and responsible.

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There is a direct link between the quality and success of your project development and communication. First, you should confirm the means of communication they use. Tell them the platform where you are active more such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts. Also, validate if they use the chat at the time when you are active, too. Tell them the most appropriate part of the day for you. Do you want to discuss details in your free time or when you are at the office? Remember that poor communication leads to failure while you are lucky if you have a stronger one.

Extra support and cooperation

If in the process of development you feel that you are not mistaken, and the company is really trustworthy, tell them that later you need other services. For instance, digital marketing or server management support once your website is launched. Again, it is better to deal with one vendor as it helps you avoid hassles and have successful E-commerce site management.

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