Replace A Windows PC With An Android Desktop

Android Desktop

Have you ever seen an Android desktop? Yes! A desktop with Android Operating System. Moreover, this is not at all any new or latest idea. The thing is many people use Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. So we might not be much aware of Android desktop. But there are users with their devices installed with Android.

How can an Android desktop replace a Windows PC? There is a huge collection of Android desktops introduced by various companies. Samsung, one of the top most companies, announced Ativ Q, a dual-boot Windows 8.x/Android convertible tablet. Likewise, HP, Lenovo, Intel, and Motorola have their Android desktop. HP and Lenovo have their Android desktop which entirely replaces Windows PC.

Here are some Windows PCs replaced with Android desktop.

1. ProOne 400 All-in-One:

ProOne 400 All-in-One

This All-in-One Pc with 19.5 inches display screen and runs the latest Intel Core Processor. This system was mainly designed for Audio and video conferencing. There is another advanced version designed for this desktop which will be released at a later time. This ProOne 400 AIO desktop costs Rs.48,000.

2. HP 205 All-in-One:

HP 205 All-in-One

This All-in-One runs on AMD processor and is packed with 18.5 display screen. The price of this desktop is Rs.28,900.

3. HP 200 MicroTower:

HP 200 MicroTower

This device runs with an Intel Pentium or Celeron processors. This is a Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 designed with easy port access. The cost of this desktop is Rs.22,500.

4. HP Pro x2 410:

HP Pro x2 410

This is one of a commercial notebook with a detachable screen. So this can be used either a laptop or as a tablet. It has a11.6 inches screen with a full-size keyboard. The cost of the laptop is Rs.57,800.

5. HP 350 G1:

HP 350 G1

This is a business notebook that supports to run on a variety of Intel processors. It packs a 15.6 inches display screen with high performance. The cost of this laptop is Rs.66,900.

6. Motorola:


It packs an 18.5 inch LED touchscreen with ARM Cortex processor. This system has dubbed the CloudBB.

All these are a collection of business laptops and desktops powered by Android that replaces the Windows PC. There is still more systems Android desktop like Lenovo N308 All-in-One from the world’s top company. This laptop uses Android 4.2 and is powered by Nvidia Tegra Quad processor. It is packed with the best features and specifications because of which it stand on the top of the list.

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