Camcloud and its Advantages

Camcloud is an online service which allows the users to setup cameras in your home,office or anywhere and monitor it. It is very easy and it is more convienient, user friendly. By using this camcloud , the user can connect directly to the cameras and they can get live updates. It also allows the user to playback the videos which is saved on the cloud.


Here are the steps which tells how to use camcloud:

  • Download the “camcloud” application from the camcloud website.
  • Then, signup in to Camcloud and create a new account.
  • Next setup your cameras and get yourself registered to the camcloud website.
  • Then return to the android application ,login and start using the service.


  • The user can see the live videos from the camera .
  • It also provides an option to review any recorded videos and it receives motion alerts.
  • It automatically controls the camera settings.
  • It is simple and cost effective.
  • It is widely used in home and small business.
  • It supports webcam and IP cameras like Axis , Foscam.
  • It also have an option to combine the hardware of users choice and connect it to the service.



  • The user can use any standard web cams for monitoring the videos.
  • If there is any motion, automatically the video will be recorded and stored in cloud. The user can login to their account and can watch the videos from their PC or android device.
  • It is the most cost effective video security for small business.
  • You can monitor your pets also, setup a petcam.


The DCS-942L. it includes H.264 video compression and FTP video  uploading


·        The DCS-942L .


It includes features like H.264 video compression ,FTP video upload


·        FOSCAM F18918W


It is featured with good  picture quality and more cost effective.


·        IP8133W


Similar to IP8132. It detects all the motion  with excellent video quality.




            It is more secure. All the recorded videos are maintained privately and it will not be shared and all the informations are accessible only by the user.

Still you can have complete Camcloud Features here