Choosing and investing in a laptop is not an easy decision. There are many factors to consider, the most important of which is, your budget and requirements. But choosing a gaming laptop is even hard. Gaming laptops are designed specifically for gaming purpose. They are expensive compared to regular models and cannot be upgraded.

Gaming Laptop

You have no option but to buy a new one in most cases when the laptop starts troubling you. So how do you choose a gaming laptop? Does the role of the brand and the seller make any difference? How will choosing a reliable computer shop make any difference?

As much as the model, make, and performance of the laptop is important, the seller is also a crucial factor to consider. Why? While the brand offers certain services, it is the seller (the shop) that offers additional services, discounts, and benefits. Be it the money-back guarantee, warranty period, or fast deliveries (in case of online purchases), the extra benefits and services provided by the computer shop attract you to their store.

computer shops in Dubai

Start by Looking For Computer Shops In Dubai that are reputed and reliable for their prompt deliveries and huge collections. This way, you don’t have to worry about buying the gaming laptop and other accessories online from its website. Deals and discounts are always appreciated. When you come across a trustworthy computer shop, you don’t have to worry if the deal is dubious.

A computer shop that has a huge collection will provide every other accessory you want at the same place. You don’t have to order the laptop and mouse from one shop and the routers, components, coolers, etc. from another shop. This can be your one-stop destination for all computer-related purchases.

Now that we understand the importance of selecting a computer shop for our purchases, let’s move on to the main topic of the post.

How to Buy a Gaming Laptop

Do you know that the games you prefer also play a role here? Some games require high-speed performance, which heats the laptop really fast. If the device cannot sustain, it’ll go up in flames. This doesn’t just cause monetary loss but also potentially injure you and others as well.

Size of the Laptop

We already know that no single laptop can have all features. Depending on our priorities and usage, we have to choose the one that matches our requirements. A smaller laptop that is lightweight and has a long battery is likely to have lesser CPU power and also a lower resolution.

A laptop with a 15-inch screen is going to have a better resolution than the one with a 13-inch screen. Obviously, right? A 17-inch laptop will be even better and will also have a powerful internal system. But are they great for gaming? Not really. They can’t be carried as easily, either. A 15-inch seems to be a smart choice in such instances. It wouldn’t be too hard to take it with you.

Resolution and Display

As we’ve talked above, the screen resolution and display are quite important for a gaming laptop. Visuals play a major role in games, and the last thing you’d want is to have a blurry screen where you couldn’t spot that one thing essential to take the game forward and help you win. While 4K is trending, it’s pretty much of no use 15 and 17-inch screens with 1080p count. It will only end up draining the battery and causing further trouble.

Never Ignore the CPU

The computer processing unit is here all the magic lies. Laptops have these built into the device. For a gaming laptop, the CPU has to be super fast with a high-frequency rate and equally good memory. 16 GB high-speed memory sounds good for gaming. Choosing one of the latest models of the processor will work to your advantage. A processor with six cores and twelve threads will be a good choice though you can pick the one with four cores and eight threads, depending on the games you play.

Graphics are still important. A processor with a powerful graphics core will have higher frame rates, will be cooler when running, and will also be quieter. In simple words, we can say that you need to find a laptop that balances between CPU and GPU effectively to give the best of both. When Looking For Computer Shops In Dubai, ask the sellers about these aspects and see if they can guide you in choosing the right gaming laptop for your needs.

Don’t forget the refresh rate. It is mentioned in Hz, where 60HZ indicates that the laptop can display up to 60 frames per second. A laptop with 144Hz is a suitable choice for gaming, especially the one with an IPS panel for better color display.

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