The Social media is part of the each and everyone in this modern world. The Facebook and Twitter will create much distract from day to day works. Chatting with our friends on Facebook or Twitter during office will affect our work. To overcome these distractions we generally use Mailbox and Mailstrom.

The Powerbox is an extension which can be used in many browsers like Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox and much more so you can always keep an eye in your social media during your work hours. Using PowerInbox user can access their favourite social media network right in their Mail inbox which includes Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail and much more.


Browse and Post from EmailThe Powerinbox is already available on sidebar in your mail account; it creates some several icons for social website. The Powerinbox can also be located on top of our email account.

Add the application to sidebar:

The Powerinbox application is able to enable the sidebar option; you can start by adding your applications to this service and authorize to connect your social media account. You can continue to add more application to sidebar. Adding application is completed to that sidebar is simple, double-click to open the sidebar. The interface looks like a picture.

Browse and Post from Email

You can also minimize the sidebar if you feel as congested. Use (+) icon to add many application to sidebar.

Browse and Post from Email

The Powerinbox is already is already added in our account, you also read, select and share the file using Powerinbox in sidebar. If you want to get the notification of your Email inbox or other things from your Social Media account. Enable the service open “Powerinbox menu” click the option is “Inbox Icons”. You have seen the emails from other services; it is easy to make to identify the email subjects. This service will restrict profile pictures in your inbox.