Your outfit may look gorgeous not only for its design but also for the underlying elements, such as your bra! There are different types, shapes, and sizes of bras available out there but you should focus only on user favorite bra. That means, it should suit your cup or bust size.

Bra Designing and Fashion

Experts suggest that for evaluating the effect of the bra, the user and product interaction, as well as the resulting positive emotional outcome, must also be considered. Normally, underwear is the most neglected subject for most users as well as in the academic literature.

However, in order to select the best bra for you, it is required that you consider several other factors as well apart from the size and shape of your cups.

  • Ideally, the user favorite bra is determined by the effect it has on the user.
  • It is required that you do some qualitative research before you select the best bra for yourself.

Remember, selecting the right underwear is imperative for showing how fashionable you are because the experience of wearing underclothing of the right type and size will play a significant role in shaping and reflecting your female identity.

Here are a few specific things that you should know while selecting a bra for you apart from the bra size calculator to choose the right kind of bra for you.

The bra design

You will get a lot of articles about the historical origin of bra but you will not have much that will tell you enough about the design.

  • According to the designers, a bra design should be highly heuristic so that it is suitable for different types of users.
  • There are others who suggest that the bra design must be based strongly on the point of view of the professional rather than on the perspective of the user.

The design of the bra will not only determine the shape of it but will also affect its functionality. Historically, the importance and function of a bra is:

  • To hide the belly and hips
  • To separate, enhance or reduce the breasts
  • To narrow the waist and
  • To give a round or conical shape to the breasts.

However, it all depends on the fashion, customs and trends of the era.

Representations and purpose

Experts also say that the bra has different definitions, representations, and purpose of wearing. Sometimes it is worn for sexual repression and in some cases, it is worn to help in seduction. Therefore, it can be said that a bra is more important for a woman in life in several aspects such as:

  • Symbolic
  • Social and
  • Psychological

These aspects are so influencing that the practical function of it and use to the users is somewhat subdued due to the degree of attractiveness and appeal of the bra for the others. However, you must understand all the key variables so as to have a clear idea about how the design of the bra can cause positive emotions.

Meanings of a favorite bra

A favorite bra for a woman means a lot more than its practical function. Though ergonomics is the most basic aspect in bra designing, providing proper supports to the breasts as well as comfort to the wearer are equally important. If a bra is poorly fitted, it may lead to several conditions including:

  • Pain
  • Muscle fatigue and even
  • Scars at the back.

Unfortunately, the lack of support is the most common issue in bra design. If the bra cups are loose or tight, any woman with prominent breasts will tend to have discomfort along with fitting issues. However, the degree of discomfort and other issues may be aggravated and vary according to the individual differences in the size of the breasts. These factors include:

You will be surprised to know that BMI and age may also interfere in the thermal sensation. It also has the ability to affect the ergonomic attributes of the bra and perceptions. Therefore, individual differences are the primary factor that will determine the level of positive emotional experiences of the wearer.

Different effects over users

The specific type of bra worn will have different effects over users both at the functional as well as on the emotional levels. it is therefore required that you relate the product attribute to the individual differences namely, BMI and age.

These are the functional attributes that are primarily related to the practical sustenance of the bra. This includes:

  • Closure
  • Band
  • Wings reinforcement
  • Underwire
  • Straps
  • Model

In addition to the functional attributes of the bra, you must also consider the aesthetic aspects of it that will include:

  • The print
  • Cleavage
  • Tissue
  • Texture
  • Embroidery
  • Filling or shaped cup
  • Push up or front closure
  • Color

The functional attributes of the bra will determine different other aspects of the emotional feeling of the wearer.

  • Arousal: This is positively correlated to the underwire and model of the bra. As for the negative correlations, the wings reinforcement and bandwidth are the key factors. While wearing a bra the user should be more relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the better is the bra for you.
  • Valence: This is another positive feeling that the bra produces if the wing reinforcement and the bandwidth are in perfect agreement. These are the primary factors to consider while choosing the bra. The better it is, the more pleasant it will be for you while wearing a bra. However, there is a negative association of valence that is related to the model and underwire.
  • Dominance: This positive association involves the type of closure, the underwire, the wings reinforcement presence, width of the under the band, bandwidth, model and straps. These are the factors that should influence your choice of bra.

As for the aesthetic attributes, the prints and embroidery have a positive correlation with Arousal while prints, cleavage shape, color, and embroidery have its effect on valence, and tissue, texture, color, cleavage shape, and push up are the motives to choose a bra with a positive association with dominance.