How to Boost Signal Strength in a Smartphone?

boost signal strength in your Smartphone


Many of us who use the smartphone will have an occasional signal loss or signal problems. This results in a number of problems, such as call drop, a decrease in Internet speed, and lowering the audio quality during calls.

The smartphones that have become a necessity in our lives but these signal problems can affect our minds. That is why we will be stuck in our work. Are you suffering from such problems?

Let’s continue to see how to boost signal strength in a smartphone.

1 – Smartphone antenna

The cover/case you use to protect your smartphone can sometimes affect the mobile phone signal. Such a condition often occurs in thick and rugged mobile cases. You should ensure that the mobile case of the mobile phone should not hide the antenna.

2 – Cell Tower Issues

How to fix the interruption between the cell phone tower and mobile phone? Signals are always coming up on your mobile phone, and in such cases, they often arrive at our phone with various hazards.
What can you do to eliminate such disturbances?

• Let’s go to a window or a little more space area.
• Stay away from iron or cement wall.
• Iron products and electrical equipment should be away from the mobile phone.

3 – Mobile phone battery

Smartphones are designed to save the mobile phone battery when the battery level is less. Usually, the battery will start draining on the search of the signal required for our mobile. It is difficult to search for the signal when the battery level decreases. In these cases, you need to turn off apps, Bluetooth, WiFi and other Connectivity options.

4 – SIM card validation

Suddenly the mobile phone signal may be dropped. This may be due to dust or other damages in SIM card tray. The signal quality we get is based on the SIM card quality we use. Remove the SIM card of the mobile, clean it and put it again on the mobile. This may increase your signal strength.

It’s good to get a new SIM card. If the old SIM cards are damaged, there are more opportunities for the signal drop. That’s why getting a new SIM can fix the problem.

5 – 2G / 3G network

In some areas, the 4G network will not be smooth. In such cases, the smartphones are provided with the option of opting for the best network, depending on the size of the signal available for our mobile phone. However, call drops can occur when the network mode is in the Priority.

You can change the mobile phone sets to correct this problem.

Android users can choose the connection Settings – Mobile Networks – Network Mode – 2G / 3G option.

IPhone Users – Settings – Cellular – Cellular Data Options

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