How to Stop Pop up ads on Android Devices?

block intrusive pop up ads in Android

Whatever you are interested to watch or browse in the Internet, full-screen pop-up ads, including full-featured video ads, will stifle our browsing. The volume of advertisements increases every day. But various companies are relying on these advertisements for revenue.

However, Google is using various methods to control ads for the benefit of users. This feature can prevent chrome based advertisements on any Android phone. This means most of the ads in Chrome will be blocked. The most disruptive ads will be blocked completely.

The Better Ads Experience Program is instructing to companies on how to serve best ads without hampering or disturbing the user experience. This will not result in future ads interruptions.

That’s why Google has decided to give the user the ability to disable ads on the Chrome settings on Android. Intrusive ads and pop-ups will be automatically blocked if the Chrome browser is disabled the following options.

How to block pop up ads on Android?

– Click on the three points button on the right of the address bar.
– Select the Settings in the next available options.
– You need to click on the Insight settings option.
– Next, you will need to click on the pop-up option.
– The option to allow pop-ups on the new page will appear in blue. To disable the pop-ups you need to turn off this option and make sure the button becomes grey.
– You can see the information that the pop-ups have been disabled if the go-to site settings.

How to block ads?

– Click on the three points in the address bar.
– You need to click on the Settings option.
– Next, you need to click on the Site Settings.
– Now you have to scroll to the Ads option and select it.
– You can click on the option to disable the ads and make sure the button changes to grey color.
– Go to the settings page and see the information that the ads option has been disabled.

Even if you follow the above settings setups, all ads will not be blocked. Ads can still be seen on certain websites. To disable ads on websites, this will only block pop-up and high-intrusive ads promotions.

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