Best Whatsapp Spyware To Monitor Kids

Whatsapp Spy Apps

The development of technology has led to the number of ways to communicate. This results in a number of risks and threats.

There are various dangerous things that are taking advantage of your child’s inexperience and less knowledge of the world. At the same time, we do not need to worry because there are a lot of applications and software that can detect your child’s online activities. Let’s see a few important applications.

Here is the list of some important Whatsapp spy apps that can help you to monitor your child’s activity.

Whatsapp spy apps for iOS users

Spyzie for iOS

Spyzie Whatsapp Monitoring

Price: $39.99 / month

Apart from monitoring Whatsapp activity, you can monitor SMS, photo, GPS and call history using this application.


Bosspy Monitor Kids

Price: Free

Although the application does not have many features, this Whatsapp spy app has some features which are capable of monitoring the device’s presence, call history and emails sent and received from your child’s device.

Easy Phone Track

Easy Phone Tracker

Price: $120

You can know the location of your child and this application can be used to know your kid’s Facebook, Skype, hangout and other social platforms activities.

Mobile Spy

MobileSpy Track all Phone Data

Price: $49.97

This application helps you to monitor your child’s Whatsapp activities. You can also know about child’s phone calls, SMS, emails, and GPS location.


Remotely Monitor Cell Phone

Price: $19.99 for two weeks

It is one of the best spyware software to monitor various information about location, call history, and text messages. Monitoring features offered in this application are more efficient and are always invisible. The only drawback in this application is that your device must be fully submitted for use.

WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android devices

Below we will find some key applications that will monitor your watts activity using Android:

Spyzie  for Android

Price: $39.99 / month

In this application, there is a lot of features that can monitor social web applications including Whatsapp, SMS and GPS location. This app also has a strong consumer support system. But there is only one setback that cannot record WhatsApp calls.

Mobile Monitor

Price: Free

This application can monitor Whatsapp Messages and SMS and can be used as GPS Tracking and Call Listings.

Top Spy Apps

Price: Free

This application can get detailed notifications about the device being tracked by and it is the best in business. This allows you to track SMS, contacts, call history, Whatsapp and Viber messages. But you cannot get regular notifications.

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