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Search Engines are the Software systems designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. In order to search for something to go deep into the sea, then these search Engines will help. This will let you know all about a particular subject completely. There are some underground search engines that may dig much more deeply into specialized areas of the Internet. These are capable of resulting in a search more than general search engines are capable of.

Some standard search engines don’t have access to “Invisible Web”. These invisible webs are the information available on the Internet. And they are buried behind the query forms or directory requests.

Here are some of the underground search engines that are so called because of two reasons.

  • Even if they are extremely useful, they remain hidden from the Internet users.
  • They provide a search service for a selected community of Internet users who are interested in a particular subject which the search engine covers.

Now, let’s see some of the best Underground search engines which you might not know about.

1. The Best Torrent Search engine:

Torrent Finder is one of the most impressing meta-search engines for torrent files. It searches through nearly 170 torrent sites to identify the search results. There is a huge list of torrent sites available which are plugged into this meta-search. This can be found to be a good quality of this. And the search results are even more influential. It would be a better option to go for an underground search engine which is legal. And many torrent searches are done to download the copyrighted Softwares.

To accumulating and presenting an aggregate of search results, Torrent Finder stands to be the best out of the list.

The keyword in our search will give a thousand results and even more. The best thing about Torrent Finder is that you get the resultant comments both positively and negatively. This conveys that a file may not be legitimate before you attempt to download anything.

2. Free bargains and deals:

There are excellent deals with coverage of the great bargain search engine FreshBargains. The FreshBargains combines the result of top 15 websites which gives an excellent output. Prospector is another website which helps find freebies. Prospector is based in the Czech Republic. This website has no limits for its search. Generally, we search for free computer software, free educational supplies, and much more. In all fairness, the site is more of a directory of content. But it has over 3300 categories and reviewed links to freebies. It’s a body of information that deserves greater recognition than what it has now.

3. House Sales and Sales Foreclosures:

The foreclosure search engine sifts through various sources of foreclosure listings from all across the country (U.S. only). Unlike the paid sites, it offers price, address, and as much information about the property as is available. AOL Foreclosures is one of the unknown parts of free foreclosure search engines.

Trulia is another even better and yet unknown search engine that also deserves to be mentioned. It is a young search engine that provides collected real estate information from various sources. It offers you the homebuyer which is available for completely free of charge. With Trulia, you can see the current that asks price, the address, square footage. It also asks if the price has recently reduced or increased, and by how much.

Other than this, the site also shows recent sale prices. This information was previously very difficult for buyers to obtain without a realtor. When you’re searching for a house, knowledge is power. And the knowledge that the Trulia real estate sales search engine offers will give you that power.

4. Public Record search engines:

The search engines that offers free public records information is not always easy to find. Trying to find such a search engine will end up with results from one of the major commercial companies. This which tries to sell paid public records search results to you.

While it is more of an underground “portal” than a search engine, it is actually a portal to some of the most obscure. But yet it’s a useful public information search engines on the Internet. Starting at this site, you can find the government search engines where you can search for court judgments and liens, and conduct asset searches. You can even look up for copyright and trademark information. This is the perfect centralized location with so much demand on the web for free access to public records. This will allow you to virtually access everything.

5. A Legal Search Engine:

Cornell’s Legal Information Institute is one of the excellent legal search engines. This is an amazing little search engine that digs through the Institute’s extensive legal library. And as a result, it pulls out all the information that is searched for. This could include family law, criminal law, labor law and much more.

Some may feel that you have what it takes to defend yourself in court. For those, there’s a very useful search engine where you can extract opinions from the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal.

There are similar search engines buried throughout this excellent legal resource. If you have any interest in law at all, take some time to check this out – it’s a diamond in the rough.

6. Paranormal Search Engine:

There’s no better underground paranormal search engine out there than UFO Seek. Don’t let the name fool you, this particular niche search engine isn’t just focused on UFOs and aliens. UFO Seek covers only about anything that’s paranormal. It includes new age, alternative health, science, the supernatural powers, ghosts.

These are the top 6 best underground search engines which are explained with their usefulness for the users. Hope you can find the right result with these search engines for your search.

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