Free Tips to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

The risk of smoking is not only to them, it’s also for those who are close to them. Many of us think to quit smoking but cannot stop it. Here are some simple guidelines to quit smoking.

In the present day period, smoking becomes a culture. We think smoking as a fashion and started encouraging this habit from childhood. If you go a few years back and only men were smoking. But now I’m able to see foreign civilization in our country even women have started to do it too.

This can cause various types of cancer. Not only cancer, it create more opportunities for asthma, tuberculosis, and sinus.

Many people may think to avoid it after enjoying it. Many of those were unable to stop it as it becomes a primary habit. Here are some simple steps for them.

Motivational Tips:

Write down some notes on a piece of paper and paste it in a place where you see often.

For example, office desk, refrigerator door or put inside your car. By doing this, the notes will be remembered that you should not be smoking. This can easily help you to leave this habit.


Exercise to Stop Smoking

Whenever you feel to smoke, just do exercise for a short period or run for short distance. It will make your brain to produce certain acids. It will prevent you from nostalgia for smoking.

Spend time with friends

Spend Time with Friends

If you feel to smoke, immediately seek the help of your friends. You can ask your friend for a help to save you from smoking. So, if you are with them, they will definitely not let you smoke. This is also an excellent option.

Yoga Training


If you are in the habit of doing yoga daily, it will improve your morale(firmness). Of course, if you have a firm it will make you forget or quit smoking easily.

Turning your mind to some other things

Hobbies to skip Smoking

Concentrate more on your other hobbies. I mean your other favorite things, for example singing, drawing, hang out yourself or with friends. Whenever you feel bored and to smoke, make your mind to think in new directions.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Smoking with Drinking Habit

A lot of people will smoke when drinking alcohol. Therefore, those who want to stop smoking should be quitting alcohol in the first place.

Natural Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment to Stop Smoking

In acupuncture therapy, they will hold the syringes in certain areas of the body. Such methods can refuse to quit smoking easily.

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