It is imperative to power wash your house from time to time. It will keep your home clean of grime and unwanted stains. Moreover, it improves the overall aesthetic appearance of your house while saving it from mold and mildew as well. But most house owners get confused about choosing the right time for power washing their home in NJ.

Power wash your home

Best time to power wash homes in NJ

Early morning or evening

Professional cleaners are properly trained to work in any climate condition. However, if you are doing it yourself, we recommend you do it in the early morning or evening when there is less sunlight. Too much cloud or sunlight can be a potential challenge for power washing in NJ, as shadows and too much light can make you miss out on tricky spots.

After summer/ winter

Although you can do power washing in any weather condition, it’s best to do it once the summer or winter is over. You can easily avoid power washing in a warmer climate. If you live in NJ, choose a day when the temperature is moderate, neither too hot nor too cold.

In a cold climate, the water will be more likely to get frozen, causing slipping hazards. For power washing, you need temperature-sensitive chemicals. Plus, the weather should be warm enough for the degreasers and detergents to work properly.

Similarly, working on extreme heat, especially on rooftops, require extreme caution. During a hot climate, the surface temperature can go around 160 degrees high, causing the water to evaporate faster. Therefore, most Professional cleaners use surfactants to control the evaporation rates.

When you see mildews and molds

Mold and mildews and the biggest enemies of residential and commercial buildings. Not only it ruins the building’s image, but it also puts your health at risk. Even if you live in a skyscraper, you are not 100 percent immune from fungus growth. The biggest problem with these fungi is that they grow in tricky places, such as outside and inside. Since most cleaning methods fail, pressure cleaning is the only way to remove them from the inside and outside.

Most people repaint their building, hoping that it will keep the molds away. Regardless of how much repaint or cleaning you do, nothing can stop these fungi from growing back unless your windows are not in good condition.

When you notice debris in gutters

Long NJ winters can have a devastating effect on gutters by accumulating dirt, debris, and shingle granules. Granules loss is quite prominent in hailstorms and winter. Not only winter, but seeds drop in the spring, and leaves in the fall can also clog the gutters. It better to power wash your roof at least once a year to clean the debris from the gutter. However, we recommend cleaning the gutter before the winter to avoid any potential drain water blockage during the winter.

As power washing is valuable, always take the help of an expert service provider to avoid bigger problems down the road.


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