5 Best Instagram Alternatives

Best Instagram Alternatives

Although Instagram has been popular in recent years, this is not the only site that focuses on photographs. There are some best Instagram alternatives. However, the interface and simplicity of the app have attracted millions of users, and many new users have been added every day, but they did not lose existing users for any reason.

However, as previously mentioned, Instagram is not the only site for this. There are a lot of apps with different features than Instagram. There are apps that satisfy everyone’s expectations. There are apps for the users who expect a lot of filters with more users on the app. Here are 5 best applications that can be used as an Instagram alternative.


DayFlash App - Instagram Alternative

You can easily and quickly find others shared photos on the Dayflash app. You can get a lot of popularity because you can connect your account with Instagram. This app is only available on OS.


SmugMug- Instagram Alternative

In this app, the photographer can create a complete folder for users to get their complete package together. By downloading the entire folder, they also have a special feature available at the apple. Users logged into the app can view the gallery without any restrictions. You can also send a link via Twitter, Facebook, Email, and SMS and share the photo collection with others.

But the free version of this job can only be used for 14 days. Then you will have to choose a paid plan mentioned below.

° Basic
° Power
° Gallery
° Business



Providing users with a discovery page, which helps users to use photos, interviews, exercises and more. Provides different tools for further utilization of our imagination. Another feature is that it scans photos and makes it possible to find the best photos through scores it gives. This facility is called IM Selections.
This can be done safely on mobile and without connection with the server. You can select the photo you want and then apply the filters or make some basic edits. This app is available in both Android and iOS.


500px Instagram Alternative

500px is the best platform for photographers and users can access more than 11 million snaps of photographers. And when you get a lot of feedback for the photos you upload. Photos will be displayed in the appropriate way for your personal options and categories. This app is available in both Android and iOS.


Oggl Instagram Alternative

The same persons who created the hipstamatic old-fashioned camera app have created this app. It has many different features same as Instagram. And the best features were the inspiration for the re-creation of Hipstamatic. You can take photos directly in this work or choose photos from the gallery. You can edit all using the lenses and filters the edit and preview them. The photos you create can also be shared in the social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.

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