Best Bluetooth Speakers

The best cheap Bluetooth speakers will help you listen to the audio more than you usually do. These Bluetooth speakers will be affordable for anyone to buy as they are low cost. You might think that cheap priced Bluetooth speakers won’t provide more features with it. No! You are absolutely wrong in this thought. And these Bluetooth speakers offers you the right combinations of performances and features.

Here is a list of the 5 best and cheap Bluetooth speakers that are available in India. This may help you if you are planning to buy one within your budget. It may no perfectly fit for a party audio but surely, it would entertain enough for a small group or for casual listening.

1. JBL Go

JBL Go Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Go may look like a small toy box, but when it comes to performance, it can go beyond every portable speaker in its category. Therefore, it occupies top spot under best cheap Bluetooth speakers for under Rs 2,000 category. We can connect it via Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable, and it outputs a surprising quality of music and that’s the strength of this ‘small’ speaker. It comes in various colors. Another important thing for any gadget is battery life and this Bluetooth speaker offers almost 7-8 hours of battery life. This is a more than enough for any Bluetooth speaker in this price range.

The JBL Go is Harman’s latest micro-sized Bluetooth speaker was announced at CES this year and made it to Indian shores in February. We got to spend some time with it and find out if it is worth the money, even though its price is quite low.

The cost of this JBL Go Bluetooth speaker is Rs.1999.

2. Logitech X100:

Logitech X100

Logitech X100 is small, yet truly more powerful. This small speaker can outperform many others in its segment, in terms quality and connectivity. Battery life is very good and can sustain 5-6 hours of music sessions easily. It is also available in multiple color options, too.

The battery life of this Bluetooth speaker is said to remain you for 5 hours. And this battery life is average for this type of speaker. Additionally, it has speakerphone capabilities and an auxiliary input for non-Bluetooth devices. It charges via Micro-USB.

This Logitech X100 is one of the cheap Bluetooth speakers that costs Rs.1563.

3. Portronics Sublime 2:

Portronics Sublime 2

Portronics Subline 2 is a solid 2.1 channel Bluetooth speaker with a built-in FM radio. This Bluetooth speaker supports microSD cards up to 32GB, aux input, and NFC. The audio output of this Bluetooth speakers is really good. But the only flaw in this speakers is that you can’t answer calls with this speaker.

These speakers are easy to pair with other devices through the Bluetooth technology. The cost of this Portronics Subline 2 is Rs.2099.

4. Philips SBA3010:

Philips SBA3010

The Philips SBA3010 truly serves the purpose of a well-built, small portable speaker. However, it does come with a retractable 3.5mm cable. These Bluetooth speakers have built-in retractable cable for easy music playback. This cable minimizes cable tangling and is ideal for cable management. It also allows easy storage of the speaker when not in use.

This Bluetooth speakers can play music out loud anytime and anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you enjoy your personal music without the fuss of entangled power cords and the inconvenient search for an electrical outlet.

The price of this Philips SBA3010 is Rs.1190.

5. Frontech JIL 3906:

Frontech JIL 3906


This is a smallest portable Bluetooth speaker from peripherals manufacturer Frontech. The speakers are quite inexpensive and support music playback via aux as well as microSD card. One of the best things about this little speaker is its water resistance feature. This feature makes it possible to carry and listen to music irrespective of the weather conditions. The speakers are ergonomically designed to simply fit in our hand. The JIL 3906 speaker is made with a rugged housing structure, and it is wrapped in a full steel grill with elastomer on the ends and center. Ths makes the speakers shockproof and dust proof.

This Frontech JIL-3906 is tagged with a price in India of Rs.1549.

You can enjoy a great music with these cheap Bluetooth speakers wherever you go since they are portable.

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