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Top 7 Best Android Launcher Apps Of 2018

Android Launcher Apps are the programs which let you open up different apps, and categorize them. They are responsible for making your device more user-friendly. If you are an Android user, you might be known about the launcher apps. One of the best features about the Android is that it allows creating your own launcher app to get a better experience. This launcher apps help you to customize your device in the way you like.

Below are the Launcher apps listed from top best.

1. Nova Launcher:

Nova launcher

Nova launcher is the oldest but is the most popular launcher apps because of its simplicity and ease of use. It offers a high level of customization for everything. This app, when upgraded to the paid version, gets unread count badges, gesture support, and some other handy extras. After installing Nova, it doesn’t make much difference on the screen or device. But if you go to the app’s settings, you can introduce a scrolling dock, change the size of icons, change the appearance of folders and more. There’s also a night mode for reducing blue light when you’re using your phone in the evening.

The major features include availability if different themes, transparent notification bar, availability of icon themes, support for Go Launcher/ADW Launcher icon themes, customizable app drawer, folders, availability of folder icons, widget overlapping feature etc. Some of the features are available only in the paid version of the app. But you won’t be missing out much even if you’re using the free version.

2. Action Launcher 3:

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 offers an advanced and easy to use features. This has fully embraced Android Lollipop and works with excellence with the devices that have received the desired and strong updates. There are a plethora of powerful features in Action Launcher 3 like a Quick theme, quick bar, shutters, etc. Some special gesture like covers and shutters will provide speedy access. This app has a long history of being stable with frequent updates.

3. Google Now Launcher:

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher can be used by the users of Google and Android. It is essentially the stock launcher experience with built-in Google Now. It features simplicity, “Okay, Google” hot word integration, translucent theming elements, and much more. It’s not too powerful or customizable, but it is slim and quick app. It’s a great launcher that doesn’t use a lot of resources. When Nexus owners turn ON their device for the first time, Google Now will be displayed.

4. Arrow Launcher:

The Arrow launcher was created by the Microsoft. This allows you to get a home screen to put your apps and such. From there, you have a variety of preset home screens that will show you things like frequent contacts, reminders, recent documents, and your frequent apps. It brings your most-used apps into one screen for convenience. For instance, each of the screens can have iOS-style notification badges, and there’s easy access to both recently accessed files and your recent SMS and call interactions. This can be obtained by simply swiping up from the bottom to reveal a mini control center.

5. Aviate Launcher:

Aviate was created by Yahoo to add some behind-the-scenes smarts to your Android home screen. It also features grouping related apps together and aiming to what and when a surface is needed without any manual interaction. Yahoo Aviate has some contextual elements to try to deliver the apps you need when you need them based on location and time of day. This is similar to that of an EverythingMe Launcher. This is a powerful and quick launcher solution for many of us.

One of the launcher’s key features is the “Smart Stream”. It’s a Google Now-style stack of cards that brings you information about the weather, upcoming events, nearby places, various phone features and so on. It’s less about home screen customization and more about useful add-ons to the central mobile OS.

6. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher

Unlike other launchers, the Buzz launcher doesn’t come with an antidote Android looks. This launcher app can be customized according to your wish. By installing this app, you can select to use a custom home screen or themes which were created by other Buzz users. It provides access to a wealth of theme packs that apply complete transformations.

You can swipe up for apps or down for settings since it supports gestures. There is also a matching lock screen replacement. All these features make this really the most complete and versatile launchers. You don’t have to use your imagination to create home screens with this app.

7. Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher is also an old one yet remained as iconic Android launcher apps. It has a few features with which it aims to give an Android look and feel. This launcher app offers different customization options like the Nova. You can customize most of the GUI. It also allows to sort and style the app icons, set the number of dock pages, home screen grids, etc. It supports another feature, i.e., setting the action for the home button.

These are some of the top best Android Launcher Apps of 2018. There are some other Apps too which aren’t listed in this article.

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