There are many apps we can find in our phone play stores, in which we can see a lot of similar apps in the same category. Unable to decide what’s the best app in that category?

Building a Android Apps

Here’s the list of best android apps of this year in every category.

Best Productivity Android Apps:

  1. Todoist:

    This is one of the top-rated productivity apps which helps many people to track their goals. This app has an effective user interface(UI) offering various features to monitor the daily progress of the users. In Addition to this, you can add your tools to this app. This intimate the user about their lapse of time that ought to occur within a week. Even users can sync this app with multiple devices. So, this app makes people less chaotic, more relaxed.

  1. Trello:

    While working on the projects Is it difficult to communicate and notify your teammates. Trello can help to work together from anywhere. Trello eradicates the use of email and notifies the project to everyone in the team. It is the visual tool to organize both work and life at the same time. Apart from this, it allows the user to allocate the tasks and prioritize the tasks. Simply it’s a time-saver app for the users.

Best Learning Android Apps:

  1. Duolingo:

    Learning languages is one part of life. Duolingo is a language learning app where you can find the languages you want to learn. Various learning techniques make you to speak the language fluently. This effective app makes your learning so easy. This app follows the strategy “Making Learning Fun”. Every exercise is designed in such a way that the users never get bored. It is completely free so that there is no limit to learn.

  1. Khan Academy:

    This is one of the best learning apps for users who are planning for higher studies like IIT-JEE, CAT, XAT exams. This app gives the strong prerequisite of the course so that the users have a basic idea of the course that they are learning. This app provides learning through videos. Even though there is no internet the user can listen to videos by downloading through the Kolibri app. There are more than 40 thousand exercises available.

Best Entertainment Android Apps:

  1. Netflix:

    This is a streaming app that provides a wide range of documentaries, award-winning movies, TV shows, anime, Latest movies of all languages. This app allows the user to filter the genre and language. There will be no interference from advertisements while watching. The users can watch as much as they want, they can even add videos to wishlist and download the videos whatever they want. One account can be used by 5 members. This app can be opened on any device(TV, Tablet, Mobile). Every week it provides new videos to the users. All these features are provided at a low cost per month.

  1. Youtube:

    This is also a video streaming app owned by Google. Billions of users are logged in every month. This app is free for all subscribers. There is also a premium for this app with extra features like (no ads while watching). Youtube even launched various products like Youtube Music, Youtube kids. All these products are free for all subscribers. Daily there will be a minimum of 1 billion hours of streaming duration of this app. So this is one of the best video streaming apps.

  1. Casino Apps

    There are some of the best mobile casinos in this internet world. Choosing the right mobile casino app and maintaining the proper discipline while gambling is more important for anyone. Gambling is like a double-edged sword, to play it safely you need proper money management, strategy, and patience too. One of the most famous casinos is Dunder – it is considered the most trusted one with the best return to player rates!

Best Music and Audio Android Apps:

  1. SoundCloud:

    This is one of the popular music streaming apps. This app provides the user to download the song there itself. There are many albums of various independent singers and musicians as well as professional singers. This is completely free and the user need not have an account for listening and downloading the songs.

  1. Spotify:

    This is also a music streaming app which allows the users to listen to music wherever they want i.e in smartphones, tablets, Tv. This is completely free which offers millions of songs of various languages, genres, artists. The users can listen to all the songs and podcasts. This also provides the user to create a playlist of their taste and also lets them discover their favorite podcast across Music, Lifestyle Health, Games. There is also a premium version of this app which allows the users to listen to music without ads.

So, these are some trending apps of various categories that are to be tried by all of us.

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