Top 5 Google IO 2016 Keynotes

Google IO 2016 Keynotes
Google IO 2016 Keynotes

Today we have the best 5 announcements from Google IO 2016 keynote. It was a pretty quiet keynote as far as like new physical product announcements but there is a lot of cool stuff.

Android N ( Android Nougat)

Android Nougat

I’ve been installed Android N on my Nexus 6P and in theory you can drop this on your main device and not have to worry about any stability anymore. And so far so good. So there’re some performance improvements with the Vulcan API and a new compiler there’s some security improvements as well and a couple of new features. Most of the stuff here we actually already saw with the developer preview when that first came out

Multi Tasking

We have a clear all apps button in the top of the multitasking tray a bit of an improved multi-window support and it will also smartly remove apps from the multitasking carousel that you haven’t used in a while.There’s also Android 2.0. It’s not shockingly different but it is much faster and it also lets you add complications from any app on any watch face, your watch faces can be super custom now and it will also run completely independently of your phone which is awesome.

Google Watch

Google Assistant

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

It’s sort of like a next gen enhancement to what we already know as Google now. So Google now already does a ton of stuff already has all these cards and gives you all this information before you even asked for it but it’s also a really good voice search assistant essentially Google has been working with. Machine learning and making this voice search part a lot better. So you can already go OK go.

Who is the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers? Doc Rivers is the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers and he can say OK Google.

How tall is he. He’s 6feet 4inches tall.

Google assistant Performance

So it kind of uses the context of the previous question. You know we’re still talking about Doc Rivers is kind of conversational and you’re supposed to be able to use Google Voice Search as if you’re just talking to another person in the room with you. You kind of already know you’re talking about you just flow the conversation. That’s the idea is they’re trying to make this new Google assistant even more conversational the assistant is built into an actual new physical product we saw today called Google home. So it’ll come out next year is this little white cone they put in the corner of the room and essentially it’s a wireless speaker with all the voice recognition technology from Google. So you can ask it to play music or cast to your TV by Camcast or you can just answer questions from you know what’s on your calendar What’s your e-mail or just google anything that you would look up with Google Now it just kind of becomes this hub of all the electronics in your home or at least in that room so it controls your thermostat can control your lights you know whatever you want to hook up to it it will work. So people have mixed feelings about you know a little white box in the corner of the room that seems to know everything about you and talk to you and answer your questions seems to me like the future though I kind of like the idea kind of sort of reminds me of the computer from Star Trek.

Google messaging apps

Google Messaging app

Hello and Duo, these are going to use the new Google assistant and all the machine learning so Hello is the text messaging app it has a bunch of new features it has something called Whisper shout.

“So I’m going to type Yay and throws a smiley face in there. Now watch rather than tapping the send button. He slides it down to whisper and slides it up again to show. ”

Google Messaging App Conversation

So it’s pretty much like the Facebook messenger but something really cool that it does do is called Smart replies. Essentially it’ll start to predict what. You might want to reply to someone’s answer based on what was sent to you. Whether it’s a question or a picture by analysing that question or looking at that picture and then producing a list of a couple of canned replies but you might want to send back. That’s it really cool and they gave a couple of examples on stage might have been a little cringe worthy I don’t know if you see a picture of a piece of food and then you say nice food. You know it’s just kind of looking at it and putting the name of what it saw in your reply message but it’s still really smart and shows a lot of who has been learning respect during an entire conversation and just smart replies going back and forth smart reply as far plies her reply. While you never actually say anything to each other so the future. You can also have a thread with the googlebot so you can actually ask it the same sort of questions you actually ask Google now and get suggestions and answers stuff.


Duo is the video chatting app. It’s just a video chatting so it’s encrypted from end to end it’s based on your phone number like face time it has this feature called Knock knock. Which is essentially it lets you see the camera of the person who’s trying to video call you live before you even pick up. So they can kind of like look into your phone and tease you into picking up the video call or something like that. This seemed really cool at first like a fun cute idea but then also perhaps a little bit creepy. You could see how that might go wrong like during an important business meeting getting a weird call and so on. Like trying to pick up so I imagine there’s probably a way to turn this off. Anyway, those are the two new messaging apps you can get on your phone this summer alongside the messaging app you already have on your phone and alongside hangouts which will also continue to exist separately. So I guess my only question is why couldn’t they all be bundled into one app. Maybe they could’ve I guess they kind of forgot about that whole unifying messaging experience thing they were working on a while ago. Oh well.

Daydream – VR


So this is a virtual reality in Android so you already know. Virtual reality it’s already on Facebook video and youtube videos 360-degree stuff. Google Street View stuff like that essentially starting with Android N you will now have all the ingredients. As for VR built into the core of Android. There is an android phones I could do before but they were built into apps or built into the third party skin like Samsung skin to fit in that headset that they did that wasn’t built into Android that was built to the skin Android and it will be built into the OS’s is going to be a certain spec that you need to meet starting next year in order to be considered a daydream ready phone. So that will include you know certain grade sensor is certain to keep performance high and to keep lean see to a minimum and imagine certain resolution display you want to get a high enough resolution screen and these daydream ready phones will work with their reference hardware. So Google is this fall coming out with their own VR headset they can put Android phones in and it’s on the remote control and they did give us a little bit of a demo of that and that’s pretty much it looks really cool. Obviously, the VR game is evolving fast. It’s pretty much all we know at this point but it is a lot of exciting stuff


Instant apps

I think this is my favourite thing of all Google IO kind of came as a surprise but it’s the ability to open apps that you don’t even have installed on your phone instantly

Google IO Apps

“Be an aged photo and video has a beautiful Android app but I don’t have it on my phone because I don’t shop for cameras every day. Now if I’m searching for something specific like a camera bag. I can still get that same experience with one tap the app opens up right to the back I want to buy. Technically this is a deep link to the Android activity .NA. throat to display this product page. And that’s all. Google Play needed to download. I can also swipe here and see more details about the bag. Now when I added to my cart the animation there. It was pretty slick. And at checkout time. Android pay works just like if I had theApp installed. I don’t have to pull up my credit card or type in my name and address with Android instant apps. I’m already signed in and I’m ready to pay. “

Google IO App Search results

So that’s pretty awesome that’s kind of like I said it’s legit it’s building just the parts of the app that you need in front of you download. Just the parts that it needs to show what you want to do on the app and then as soon as you’re gone you’re gone. It’s not you never had to install the app in the first place. It’s kind of like taking the mobile web to the next level. I thought this could be awesome. There’s already plenty of sites that have a website and an app but the app is way better. So you just wish everyone could use an app but not everyone wants to go to the Play store and download something and then install it and then start to use it if you can just use the web app experience to a high quality every single time. That’s just basically what this does instant apps. I love it so they have it.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know from the Google IO 2016 keynotes two free to share this video for anyone you feel might find this information useful major takeaways from this I would say are one VR is everywhere. Messaging apps are kind of also everywhere machine learning is incredible and Google is kind of basically Skynet at this point and like the best possible way. Thanks for Reading.

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