Are you wondering about starting your career as an HGV driver? You are at the right place for the same. HGV driving needs proper training and tests and another documentation process in place to pursue safe and legal driving. HGV(Heavy Goods Vehicles) driver training is a justified and detailed process as per the requirements of different HGVs/LGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles/ Large Goods Vehicles). You can also go through (Heavy Goods Vehicles) HGV Driver Training which justifies the different modules and aspects related to it. If you want to pursue your career in the field of driving then you must fulfill all the requirements for being an HGV Driver.

HGV Driver

Read more to know about the various aspects related to HGV driving. You can also see various other aspects like HGV driver Training, HGV Driver tests, and other documentation. It is said that you must be above the age of 18 years to be an HGV driver legally. As you can only apply for an HGV driving licence if you are above the age of 18 years. Usually, the transportation industry is growing at such a large pace but the myths that are associated with HGV driving cause a shortage of HGV drivers in various regions. Clearing off these myths is important, because then only people will grow their careers in terms of HGV driving.

It is said that doing a desk job is a well-maintained and preferred job. But this phrase is only true if we talk about the old methodology of the people. But nowadays people are more into choosing the streams which have their passion and interest. People also prefer going into jobs which give a lot of exposure to the beautiful world. The best-suited job for these types of interests will be HGV driving. Because HGV driving gives you a chance to explore new things over time, you get to know and learn about various new skills. This way you grow more efficiently in your career of driving. 

To pursue yourself in the field of driving, you are supposed to follow some rules and regulations based on different requirements and legal criteria. The process is listed below for your reference. 

Categories of HGV driving licences

Cat C1: Category C1 is defined to drive vehicles that weigh almost between 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes. Although it is a staged process, that is opting for C1, C, and C+E. You can go straight with Cat C and get a better licence without pursuing Cat C1.

Cat C: This is the category designed for rigid vehicles weighing from 7.5 tonnes to 32 tonnes, this weight is without the weight of axles.

Cat C+E: This category allows you to drive articulated vehicles and drawbars. When you upgrade your licence from category C to C+E, no theory tests are required further. 

HGV Driver Training

The major part of any HGV driving is the HGV driver training. This is the initial process which is initial to pursue better outcomes in terms of a career in HGV driving. HGV driver Training is the three-tier process that is defined according to the three different modules namely the Medical, Theory module, and the practical module. These two modules are framed for the HGV driver training to give the users a perfect view of the HGV driving test which is a legal process to get the HGV licence. 


According to the laws defining the process of being an HGV driver. IT is important to pass a medical exam before having HGV driver training. This is the way to analyze if you are a good fit for driving such large and rigid vehicles like HGVs/LGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles/ Large Goods Vehicles). These vehicles need more attention while driving, so one needs to go through the designed medical examination because some health issues do not allow people to drive such large vehicles for such long durations.

Theory Module

The first module of HGV driver training is the theory module in which you are taught about various aspects of driving and other rules and regulations, other hazard perception and case studies, etc in a theoretical way. So that you clear the Theory Test in one go which is Multiple choice questions based. You can further check the practical module for the next step in terms of HGV Driver Training.

Practical Module

Further after the theory training, you need to go for practical training which includes basic driving training and other aspects related to driving. The training is provided based on all conditions which can occur while driving. These are provided to give you the best exposure towards driving, this way you will be able to clear the driving test in one go, and also your driving skills will be improved, these driving skills would be appropriate for you to drive heavy vehicles appropriately as per the laws.

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