There are different methods to take backup your computer. To take backup your photos, emails, documents and important files, use any of these methods

  1. Using another computer:

You can use the hard disk of another computer if you have two or more computers connected through a home network. You can also use the Microsoft Sync Toy, that is an wonderful program to keep your folders across computers in sync with each other. This is an indirect backup tool.

You can also use desktop background tools like FBackup or GFI back. These softwares allow you to take an easy backup of the files in your home network. GFI offers naturally faster backups because it offers both incremental and differential backups.

This software program includes the option of compressing which enables to occupy  less space in your network drive.

Scheduling the backups allows to run automatically at predefined intervals.

  1. Cloning the computer:

The Windows 7 OS does not require any system tools to take backup, the OS itself let you to create system images at any point of time. You may use an external device to store the snapshots or save it within another partition on your hard-disk.

To create the exact mirror image of your  hard-drive, you can also use the disk imaging tools like DriveImage XML(free for personal use) or Acronics True Image. These tools are very useful, since it takes backup of your system files and program settings

  1. Backup with external devices:

With the aid of external device you can also take backup.

Follow the steps given below to take a backup using an external device

  • Attach the external device (external hard disk) to your PC or Mac through the USB port
  • Use the built-in software to backup your wanted files and folders.

This device is portable and less weight and some of the devices have wireless ports so it made data transfer easy.


  1. Using virtual machine:

            You can create a virtual machine, for that Microsoft offers a free utility called Dish2vhd, it helps to create a virtual machine on your Windows PC.

After creating, you can copy all the files, folders, documents and others you want to take a backup using Microsoft Virtual PC or any free virtualization software.

  1. Online Backup:

This option is hand-free. The other methods are easy ways to take backup but they are not hands-free.

Using online backup services, you can store your data in the cloud. You can use some of the best online service providers like Dropbox, OneDrive or Googledrive