Avoid The Blue Screen Error

The windows 8 users are facing the Blue Screen Error. The Blue Screen Error is also called as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Many reasons will occur this problem in windows 8 system. It is hardware or driver related problems.


Common reason for Blue Screen Error

Restart your system. It helps to come out this problem for user.

Problems in Registries:

The Registries is the important part of our system, registries are used to store the setting of our PC and it helps to run easily. The problem of these registries is keeps the system working.

Solution of this Problem: Now, before installing the software or tool, it helps to check the compatibility problems. Sometimes windows detect the problem automatically and it gives the reports to the user, the user needs the guarantee of the software, it supports the windows operating system to the user.

Improper Shutting Down the system:

Improper shutdown of our system and it is a bad habit. It reduces the system lifetime and it creates more problems. So you should shut down the system properly.

Clean Up the Start Up programs:

To avoid the malfunctioning programs for login your system and it is the basic reason for BlueScreen error, these programs start running on the Startup time and it cause the errors.

Destroy the startup programs using these steps:

  • The Boot system into Safe Mode to your computer
  • And open -> Task Manager
  • Then open the StartUp tab
  • Disable the culprit programs which create the error
  • The user can disable the programs in Task Manager
  • Finally, restart your system.