Events are organized in order to celebrate special occasions around the world. They can range from weddings and anniversaries to conferences and product launches. Among these, one of the most popular and lavish events is an Asian wedding. It is a very special occasion in any individual’s life, and is celebrated and recalled through several photographs and videos. When the tasks of clicking pictures and shooting videos are outsourced to professionals, family members can give complete occasion to different functions and not face unnecessary distractions.

Asian Wedding Photography

Hard to wait for photo albums

It normally takes anywhere from 7-10 days for a top Asian wedding photographer to create an album and also edit the videos. Most family members do not like to wait for that long, and so they ask the photographer to send some pictures in an unedited form. It is the best way for people to show others how they looked at the wedding and obtain bragging rights. Social media sites help them share a few pictures and videos easily with each world and the world.

Every individual gets married with the hope of not having to do so again. This is the reason why high quality pictures in all poses are necessary, which is where a professional photographer comes in. Not only does he or she understand angles and perspectives well, but light as well. Photography and video teams make use of artificial light sources to bring out the best results.

Brides and bridegrooms always strive to look the best among all the guests in a marriage hall. This requires many efforts from different professionals to come together on the day. Irrespective of how old they get, brides and bridegrooms always like to recall fond memories of the wedding evening. Families can always bring back those memories through wedding photographs.

Silver screen weddings are inspirational

Bollywood, the mainstay of the Indian film industry, has always inspired its fans in terms of weddings. It has played a major role in determining wedding fashion, as well as the different locations used. However, what has left the biggest impact on Indians and other Asians are the poses by Bollywood celebrities while proposing to their beloved. While some of these poses are shown during dialogues, there are others which can be seen during songs. Several couples these days are interested to enact these situations and make them part of their pre-wedding shoots. What makes the moments even more special is a professional photographer capturing them.

Planning a hairstyle

For the bride, deciding a particular hairstyle for the wedding can be quite a challenge. In fact, she has to take not just the wedding, but other related events as well. For one or more of these, the bride can once again draw inspiration from hairstyles inspired by the Indian film industry. As mentioned above, a wedding is so common in most movies that there are ideas floating around everywhere. Requirements are normally in the following form:

  • Hairstyle must take into consideration humidity and frizz for it to remain in shape
  • Timeless style
  • Must look beautiful
  • Must not harass the bride on the wedding day

Clicking food pictures

No Asian wedding menu is complete without attractive and delicious food. The aim of the food being made available at a venue is to look grand, although you will see always see variations in opulence.  The sheer number and variety of items differ from one place to another. Certain communities give more emphasis to non-vegetarian food items instead of vegetarian ones. You will also see counters where you can get bread freshly off the stove, enveloping your mouth in excellent crispness and flavor.

In a similar manner there will also be food counters for special Asian items like mixed veggies and dosas. These places present excellent opportunities for wedding photographers. While taking pictures, they must ensure that no unnecessary shots are taken close to the mouths of guests enjoying their meals.

Here are some of the tips wedding photographers can follow for food:

  1. If case there are goodies within a box or a packet, take them out and then click
  2. Do not feel afraid to re-arrange foods to get the perfect frame. Buffet utensils can be moved to bring food items closer.
  3. Use framing skills to crop some of the large expanses in serving dishes. It should not appear as though you got the frame as the food almost got over.
  4. Click pictures of guests with glasses or plates in hand with their consent. This would work well in case of cocktail events.
  5. For best results, prepare a small plate with variety of food textures and a lot of colors
  6. Experiment with food in detailed shots, such as a drink next to a guest’s personalized napkin
  7. A plate next to diffused light or close to the window would look good

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