Add Pineapple In Your Daily Diet  To Have Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones

At present, a lot of people suffer from bone problems. Main reason is the absence of nutrients in our food habits and lack of proper physical activities. Don’t think only dairy products will help to increase the strength of bones. But also this fruit will help you make your bones stronger.

Pineapple is a fruit that helps to strengthen your bones. It is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. People can consume pineapple in any form, so you can get the full benefit.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C. This helps to improve the health of joints, bones and also helps to increase the strength of the collagen production.



Manganese in pineapple is an another important nutrient. This helps to synthesize tissues of bone and which makes bones more stronger.

Vitamin B

Pineapple fruit has large quantities of nutrients, Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 which strengthens your bones.



Copper is another major mineral in pineapple, which keep bones healthy, can help to improve the function of joints and bones.


There is an enzyme in pineapple called bromelain. This helps to keep bones healthy. In case there is a breakdown of bones, it will be a great help to reduce the pain and heal quickly.

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