Meet iPhone Xc – The Inexpensive Alternative to iPhone X

iPhone XC


Would you believe that Apple’s high budget device, the iPhone X, can now purchase at a much cheaper price? You need to be trusted. The iPhone X is one of the best high-end smartphone available to buy now. But this is not for everyone. This means that not everyone can access the price tag of approximately US $1000 or RS.89000/-.

In this case, how does it cost an iPhone that follows the same format of iPhone X in the lowest price tag? Is not it that many people dream of buying an iPhone X?

People dream phone – is Apple iPhone XC. “The people who are looking for a better alternative to the iPhone X device then iPhone XC will be the best smartphone at low price” has recently been created by iDropnews, an interesting concept.

But we would like to suggest, take this only as a concept and this is not the Apple’s real product.

Nevertheless, iDropnews puts some decent reasons why Apple should create an iPhone XC device for its consumers. Also indicates why an iPhone XC is needed for Apple.

Firstly, the alleged Apple iPhone XC will be released in various colors like the last iPhone 5C device released in 2013 and will definitely be a direct descendant of iPhone 5C.

The alleged iPhone XC concept is taken with a lot of design references from the original 5C device released four years ago. And the iPhone XC will have a predefined design like the iPhone X. In turn, this device is made up of plastic.

Most features of the iPhone X have to be on the iPhone’s XC device, even though most designs are similar to the iPhone 5C. Its highlight is pricing – a simple consumer target.

According to the iDropnews, iPhone XC comes at a price between $ 449 and $ 549, with features such as True depth camera system, animoji, dual rear cameras, Apple A11 bionic or Apple A 12 chipset.

If this concept is reached to Apple’s ears, then iPhone XC has a real chance to hit the market. Because in India and in the US, most customers are disappointed by the price index of the iPhone X.

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