Set Default Apps on Android

set Default AppsIn browsers we have number of applications to do the same thing, for instance, we have one question from android that which one you want to use always, until you set at least one as the default with the always action. In the past days of the app picker, before applying another app you’d have to clear defaults for each one, but now it is changed to set Android Default Apps.

Now, there’s an easy way to handle default applications for the frequently used apps all in one place. The main problem is that it’s in a dissimilar place for each major manufacturer.

The good news is that reaching to where you need to be starts in the similar place on mainly every Android device out here: Settings. Pull down just the notification panel, and click the cog icon to jump in.

set Default AppsYou’ll require finding the Apps section for your meticulous manufactures when once in settings. It’s just considered Apps or Mange Apps on most devices with the main exemption being Samsung Galaxy handsets-you’ll be searching for applications. Silly Samsung, being all official. You’ll find Apps under the General tab on LG devices.

set Default AppsFrom here, things can get a little unclear between brands. On stock Marshmallow devices, just click the settings cog in the top right corner, after that Default Apps. This change in Android N, as there is no Default Apps option –as an alternative, everything is handled from the main app settings screen. On Galaxy devices, the second option to the top is Default applications, which is the one you want.

set Default AppsFor LG handsets, click the overflow button in the top right corner on that, then Configure apps. Hit Default app settings at the bottom of the screen on Huawei phones.

set Default AppsAt this moment, most handset makers should be nice-looking much on the same page. Because of the popularity you change the default launcher, dallier, browser, and SMS apps, along with a few particulars that will differ between manufacturers.

set Default AppsHere its significance mentioned that at any time you install a new app that can be set as a default like a launcher or a browser. And your default preference will reset by this for that category, this will make you set the newly-installed app as default without having to go into deep. Simply follow these instructions, when you want to change it back.

This is all about how to set Android Default apps.

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