Android Apps Will be the Best Things in Chromebook

Best Things in Chromebook

Google offered plans to take android apps to choose Chromebook through the google play store. And they try to make android apps will be the best things in it.

Before this plan more consumers unable to get android apps in chrome OS, but it is possible by who runs the developer channel version of chrome OS. Google’s François Beaufort published the google play store and android apps are developing out to the Asus Chromebook Flip.

How to reset Chromebook flip and install developer channel?

Everyone can install the developer channel easily. Be aware that you may run into bugs and performance issues because it’s not the stable version. And while you reset it, you lose all your files so before doing this make sure to backup them to external storage

For Reset your Chromebook flips follow these steps:

1.Go to your google account, next click on the Time-Wi-Fi-battery panel on the screen to open settings. Then hit on About Chrome OS at the top.

2.Then click More info… lower the Check for and apply updates. Then Change channel. Now it will change from consumer stable to Developer-unstable. Once you’ve changed, you may need to restart and log back in.

Best Things in Chromebook3.Again go back to settings and search for a new section Android Apps. Check Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook. This setting activates the google play store icon that appears on the dock; if you don’t check off this setting the icon won’t launch.

Now click on google play store icon and start installing android apps.

About play store

Google play store working on Chromebook is exactly equal as on an android tablet, means it’s not a smartphone version just blown up; the app is improved for the screen size like the Chromebook Flip works like a 10.1-inch android tablet.

Best Things in ChromebookBut after installed and tested some of the android apps, they ran like an android tablet. Non-graphic intensive apps run as best compared to others, and 3D games Asphalt 8: Airborne and N.O.V.A. 3 as the worst, then the isn’t accurately powerful hardware.

This  is nothing but a convertible Chromebook. It serves as a tablet yet its touchscreen and hinge allow the screen to pleat over backward. In tablet mode, android apps work well since most of them haven’t been improved for use with keyboard and mouse controls yet.

There are some interesting and amazing casual games like Pac-Man 256 and Pac-Man through the maze by using touchscreen and arrow keys.

Clash of clans is another app that played well on the Chromebook, it is very easy to play with a trackpad.

Every android app won’t work on the Chromebook flip. Some apps depend on the camera won’t work.

For example, Instagram is an app that terms and conditions confine users to uploading photos from supported mobiles only but not from computers. but some third-party services won’t follow these restrictions. This leads to ban their Instagram account. May this confine change in future, but the app won’t run on it right now.

Likewise, another app VSCO wouldn’t installed on Chromebook flip. And if Snapchat app installed on Chromebook flip, it doesn’t actually work. You can use some features like messaging, browse discover, but whenever you tried to access camera an error message popped up.

Snapchat app

Best Things in ChromebookWhenever you install powerful editing apps like Snapspeed photo editor app, it much required efficient tools. It won’t have Photoshop but it can quick crop, color adjustment or other jerk.

Best Things in ChromebookChrome OS have pre-installed google apps. But google maps are just short cut to their web versions. You can see the difference between google maps on the web and Android app running on a chrome below;

Google Maps Web                                                     Google Maps App

Best Things in ChromebookI didn’t mean that all users install the developer channel and run android apps on their primary Chromebook. It’s not ready till now. aside bugs and compatibility, I look forward to android attacking the Chromebook. It’s going to make even more attractive computer.

This is all about android apps will be the best things in Chromebook.

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