Alexa a Pair of Smart Glasses


Amazon is rumored as it works on a pair of Google Glass-style smart glasses powered by its artificially intelligent voice assistant Alexa. It allows you to use its digital assistant Alexa wherever you are, according to the Financial Times. The FT said the new glasses would connect wirelessly to a mobile and would boast a “bone-conduction audio system” allows the person wearing the spectacles to hear Alexa’s voice without headphones.

In recent years, given the difficulty that the likes of Google and Apple have had in making wearables mainstream over recent years. The Amazon already had its fair share of expensive failures in hardware in the past notably with its Fire mobile, on which it took a $170 million. Nevertheless, Jeff Bezos’s company feels that worths the risk. The reason is it can enhance in a big way a product that has already proved more popular. Assistants like Alexa are an integral part of the suite of smart home services and products that grows rapidly. Babak Parviz, the founder of Google’s ill-fated smart glasses project was noted by FT. The other former Google Glass researchers now work at Amazon’s labs.


A wearable as FT points out and Alexa allows Amazon to make a good one of its key shortcomings. The current Alexa app needs you to unlock the mobile first while an iPhone user can call Siri or Android mobile users can summon Google’s Assistant. Before the year-end, Amazon could launch a new product.

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