Vienna’s Vegetable Orchestra

Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

We have seen a number of orchestras with various instruments being used. But this team uses different things to play music. The properties which they use to run the event amazes everyone. Thinking what might be the properties they have used? They are nothing but the vegetable which we eat regularly. Yes! A vegetable orchestra.

Did you ever attend an orchestra in which vegetables are the only instruments to play music? Here is all about the band from Vienna with the vegetable orchestra. The Vienna’s vegetable orchestra have been going for 15 years now. They have been making various albums touring all over the world. They covered songs by Kraftwerk and making their own pieces they’ve had moderate success.

This band was found in 1998. They made their instruments out of fresh vegetables and also dried plant materials. They included carrot, bell peppers, onion skin, dried pumpkin, and many. They all were used to build organic instruments and sound generators. These vegetables merely last for one concerts or just for a day.

The team has differently talented artists for various artistic backgrounds – musicians, visual artists, architects, designers, media artists, writers and sound poets. They have 3 CD albums called Gemise, Automate and Onionoise. For each of these albums, they had to design a new instrument with the vegetables. Not only a new instrument, a new music had to be invented to make it different from the prior albums.

For the invention of new instruments and music for every concert, hard work needs to be in extremes. And the other important requirements are patience and new ideas about the music they are going to play.

At the end of the concerts, this troupe offered the audience fresh vegetable soup prepared by the cut-offs. They music list consists of contemporary music, beat-oriented House tracks, experimental Electronic, Free Jazz, Noise, Dub, Clicks’n’Cuts and so on.

The main idea behind this vegetable orchestra was to construct the electronic music world in its various forms. The vegetable orchestra constructs the instruments with the help of drills to make it hollow and shape them with the knife. The orchestra depends on the shopping which includes the selection of vegetables, size, and straightness.

This team is a small group with no boss, no team lead or nothing. All the members of the band have same rights. They all have their ideas equally mingled together to give the best of their performance. No one is more or less in the group in all aspects. This group feels that expanding the group would ruin the equality among them. So they don’t wish to expand their troupe adding with them other new artists.

This is all about the vegetable orchestra from Vienna who makes their own instruments every time when they attend an event or concerts.

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