Mobile Airbag Case

Mobile Airbag Case

The New technologies are very helpful to us in most of the aspects of our daily life. A German Engineering student has created a Mobile Airbag Case for smartphones, which has emerged as the safest way for the smartphone.

This airbag mobile case is special because the spring in it is self-expanding and protects mobile whenever it is dropped. The patent rights have been applied to this airbag mobile case.

Philip Frenzel

Philip Frenzel, a student from Aalen University in Germany have invented this airbag mobile case. At first, his plan is to create a light weighted mobile case and started his research. It was noteworthy that four years later he created this Airbag Mobile Case.

Four years

Four years later, Philips discovered this case and named it Active Damping. It is said to be very helpful during the travel with the device.


A mobile sensor has been created by Philip Francis. It is said that when the phone falls down, the sensor will push out 4 springs and protect the phone without any damage.


This mobile cover is not available in the market. Philip holds the patent and reports the Philosophy of the German Society of Mechatronics. Soon Philip’s Airbag Mobile case will be in all hands.


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