Air Call Accept – Accept Your Calls Just by Waving Your Hand Across Your Mobile


Samsung galaxy s7 has launched with several new features. Some of the features are at quick glance, air jump, air browse etc. Among the features the best feature is Air Call Accept. This feature allows the user to accept the phone calls just by waving their hand in front of your android mobile. There is no need of swiping on the screen button for accepting the phone calls. The air call feature can be installed in your android mobile by downloading an application.


A proximity sensor is available on the android mobiles which will detect the user’s hand waving/moving motions. The phones which are built in with proximity server will support this application and it works great.



  1. Download air call accept feature from the play store or download it from its official web site.
  2. Install air call on your device and launch it.
  3. Check whether you turned “ON” button in air call accept application.
  4. Now whenever you receive a call, there is no need of swiping it for answering the call. You can just wave your hand in front of your mobile to accept your calls. Instead of waving, if the user takes the phone near to their ears, this will also accept the phone calls.
  5. A paid version of this application is also available for the following features,
  • Speaker on when answer call
  • Rejecting the calls
  • Sending sms after rejecting calls.
    1. There are also settings available, so that the user can change it as per their wish



  • This application will be very much useful, when you are unable to touch your phone.
  • This happens at times like driving, eating, cooking etc.
  • The user can turn off this application to prevent it from auto accept, when the mobile is in your pocket.
  • After installation, the application is enabled by default.smartphone