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Google News App

The Google news app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It will provide users a  personalized options with their usage and distribute exclusive information. The app changes the Google Play Newsstand functionality on Android and iOS platforms. This app is offered in about 127 countries around the world. Those who do not have this app can avail in the near future.

There’s a lot more information to know about the new Google News app with completely new design and features. We’ll continue to see new features added to each tap.

For You

The starting view of the app is called briefing. Google will display five news that you have chosen for yourself with your options and location in the briefing.

Following important news, Google will show you the articles that Are related you. Google will provide you with the best news according to your usage new Google News app.

If you see an article that you don’t like, you can click on the three points in the top right corner of the app. Using the same application, you can inform them if you want more information.

Full coverage

If you want to know more about the specific news that you read in the Google News app, click on the Full Cover button in the app. When you click on this option, the feature page will contain top coverage, videos, Twitter and cover all pieces of information.

Each section will provide you with news from various companies on the Internet. You can read or listen to your wishes.

Full coverage button found in the briefing feed option. This feature is provided to every user and is free to everyone.


This feature can be fully to know about all global events. All the news are listed in Headlines without your preference, unlike as briefing. Here the news is divided into different sections. You can read them by scrolling the app.

Some thumbnails have more than one article, where you can swipe to the right or left and read other articles. Clicking on specific attributes can read specific messages.


Go to the Google News app’s favors tape and choose your options. You can also refer to the articles that you want to read more and tell them what kind of news or organizations you want to receive.

Click on the button + to select the new option in this section is enough.


Various companies and magazines are listed in the Newsstand. You can become a subscriber for companies that you like in this app. You can make subscription fee from your Google Play account for all companies you subscribe to.

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