Mac's Volume
Mac’s Volume

If you change the brightness, volume, or keyboard backlight on your macintosh, it changes in one in all sixteen stepped increments. Sometimes, however, you may wish something a touch additional fine-grained.

Using a simplistic keyboard modifier, you’ll be able to really adjust those settings in quarter-step increments(Mac’s Volume), for a complete of sixty-four steps. Let’s show you what we tend to mean.

In the following GIF, you see the traditional volume indicator. on every occasion, we tend to faucet the quantity up or volume down buttons, it changes within the said 16-step increments.

Increase Volume in Mac


Now we’ll adjust the volume whereas holding down Option+Shift on the keyboard. Notice however the volume indicator changes in quarter steps, which means every time we tend to tap the volume buttons, every step has four increments.

Decrease Volume in Mac

You can do the same thing with the brightness controls (as well because the keyboard backlight). merely hold Option+Shift to adjust them in quarter-step increments.

Adjust Volume in Mac
Adjust Volume in Mac

While this could seem to be a routinely easy trick, it’s terribly helpful. There are again and again wherever you wish to take the littlest little bit of edge off the volume, however, tapping the down button softens it too much, or you wish the screen to be simply a couple shades brighter but one step makes it too bright.

In any event, mistreatment Option+Shift you’ll be able to make those minute changes and alleviate any frustration.