The user can add some branding to You Tube videos. An overlay logo or any watermark images which is permanently displayed on the YouTube videos can also be displayed in any corner of the videos. Any video editing Software can be used to add logos or water mark to any videos before uploading them to YouTube. But now it is possible to put all these stuffs in the existing videos in web.

You Tube has added a new feature called “InVideo Programming” which helps the user to add any custom image to all the user’s You Tube videos with a few clicks without editing the original videos.

The image which the user inserts can be their brand’s logo or any of the You Tube buttons to promote the You Tube channel inside all the videos.  The logo can be inserted at the start of the video, anywhere in the middle, or for the entire duration of the video. Also the logo can be inserted in either corners of the You Tube player. You Tube uses annotations to display image over Videos.  Annotations allow the users to add powerful interactivity to the videos. Also it encourages and entertains the users. If the You Tube viewer, turned off annotations then the user’s logo will not be visible.



A feature called Invideo Programming is added under the setting tabs. If the user selects the option, it will give two options. They are,

InVideo Programming – Feature Channel,

Invideo Programming – Featured video.

Feature your channel will allow the user to upload an image and they can place it in the top/bottom, left/right of your video. The brand or the custom image can be kept throughout the duration of the video. Or the user can set the display time manually.

Feature a video, will allow the user to push a video of users choice in every single video that the user have in their catalog.  A thumbnail of the featured video is placed at the corner of every video.

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