Fitbit Charge 2

fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 raised its features to track steps and sleep within Fitbit’s superb app. The Charge 2 tracks heart rate continuously. It also monitors resting heart rate and now rates VO2 Max, a scientific gauge of fitness. New breathing training to combat stress adds to a stellar line-up of wellness features.

Teething issues with screen responsiveness, a fiddly interface, and flaky heart rate tracking during very intense workouts make an experience that falls short for the more active user. It will track runs accurately, but the thing is you need to carry your phone out with you.

The Fitbit Charge is packed with some advantageous features that will make it a perfect wearable. They are given below for you to make it the best choice as a fitness tracker.

Cardio Fitness Score and Level:

Charge 2 is the first Fitbit device to calculate “Cardio Fitness Score”. It provides a numerical rating based on resting heart rate, age, gender, weight, and other such information. Charge 2 also tracks the “Cardio Fitness Level”. This cardio fitness level will rank your fitness score whether is from Poor to Excellent.

This will allow you to know your cardio fitness comparing it with others in your gender and age.
If nothing else, it encourages you to keep up the pace. Don’t worry if you’re not satisfied with your score. Charge 2 will help you increase your score through more intense exercise.

Interval Workout mode:

High-intensity interval training increases your cardio fitness and health. Fitbit got the memo, and it added its first interval training workout mode to Charge 2. This feature helps make Charge 2 an even better device for athletes. Charge 2 also helps you to determine the interval duration. You can set how frequently you want them to repeat. Charge 2 indicates you with a vibration if you need to change your speed of walking or running.

Relax mode:

Relax mode in Fitbit Charge 2 provides guided breathing sessions of two to five minutes. This guide will help you distress. Moreover, the feature can be easily initiated. Simply tapping the buttons of Charge 2 will toggle through a few screens. Then hold the button to start.

Reminders to Move:

Alta was Fitbit’s first device with its Reminders to Move feature. This feature vibrates your wrist at 10 minutes past every hour such as 12:50 p.m., 1:50 p.m., etc. This will only vibrate if you haven’t completed a minimum of 250 steps during that hour. Now, this feature has been included in the Charge 2. Rather Charge 2 shows the number of steps you took during the past hour. This will simply let you know the remaining steps needed to win that hour.

This will be more of a use for the athletes that gives their present speed. By this, they can easily calculate how much should they improve further.

Until now, we have seen the features that make the Fitbit Charge 2, one of the best fitness wearable. It’s obvious that every gadget has at least one disadvantage. Yes! Fitbit Charge 2 also has its demerits. But this won’t make the device to bring it out of the list.

Display in Sunlight:

The OLED screen of the Charge 2 leaves it difficult to read in bright sunlight. Not only the Charge 2, there is a collection of fitness tracker that fails to display in the sunlight except a few like the first generation Apple watch and Surge.


Unfortunately, it’s a sad new for swimmers that they cannot use during their practice. You can’t even take it with you to shower. Fitbit has overcome this disadvantage by introducing a wearable, Flex 2. It can be used while swimming or even to shower.

Can’t pause an exercise:

When you are out for walking or running, you will click on your fitness tracker to start tracking your pace. But if you come across any disturbance in the middle or you need to go to the store to buy any item, Charge 2 fails to pause the tracking action. Whereas Fitbit’s Blaze can pause the tracking for you if you needed.

Except these, Fitbit Charge 2 will certainly be one of the best wearables in anyone’s list. It has added with it some of the new features with it. One of the main features of this tracker is the Cardio fitness score and level. I think you will be the one to use the Charge 2 to track all your activities.

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