Stromer ST2 S

top speed e-bicycle

Stromer has added some of the highest-end bike parts and innovative electric bike features in the Stromer ST2 S. The competition for this e-bike increases with the growing popularity. This makes the e-bike more affordable than ever.

As per an expert at, having the correct bike size is not just a matter of comfort but it can prevent injury both short and long term and allows you to have a much better riding experience as a result.

Stromer ST2 S is loaded with a Supernova 1,600-lumen headlight, Shimano 11-speed electric gearshift, Magura hydraulic brakes with carbon steel rotors, carbon fork, aluminum fenders, backlit touchscreen. An app is added to these in the e-bike to control everything that includes security, performance. You may think that these features are common in other e-bikes. But this is the first time that all these are brought together in a high-end single package.

The ST2 S can do well even in a busy city. Its LED running lights helps to increase visibility in the dark and the shifts are smooth and quick. The ride will go firm with the fat tires that help in absorbing the rougher patches.

Stromer electric bike

The ST2 S weighs 65 pounds which will frighten you to quickly pull it away from traffic at a stop. But the SYNO-Drive hub motor, working through the pedal assist system, gives an even amount of torque at any speed. The torque sensor gauges your pedaling effort and uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to adjust the power delivery. There is an app with which you can set the speed and torque of the e-bike.

With the 500W motor limited to 28mph, you are under your own power even if you exceed the speed. Thanks to the continental tires and the admirable brakes of the e-bike.

E-bike Modes:

We can ride this e-bike in two modes: Pedal assist mode and throttle mode”. The top speed of ST2 S, in pedal assist mode, is 28 mph. This e-bike can go over 100 miles on a single charge, all which depends on the level of assist and size of the rider. The other, throttle mode, in which you can ride the bicycle like a motor vehicle. But in this mode, the e-bike will run not more than 12mph. This mode works on the choke and boosts the speed of the e-bike.

Beyond this, you have to pedal regardless of the level of assist you are on. Even with the motor, you will have to exert energy to keep moving. This e-bike helps you go farther than you normally would go using just your legs.

Touch Screen:

Stromer ST2 S

There is the touch screen computer in the top tube. It’s well integrated to read the information and this requires a long look away from the road. It’s placed behind the stem, so it’s not perfect when you try to quickly glance at information while riding. These e-bikes are available in a variety of sizes. They are 17in, 20in and 22in sizes.


Shimano’s Di2 battery is found to be the largest battery on the market until now. This e-bike brings with it the largest and most powerful e-bike battery on the market. The range stems from a 983 watt per hour battery pack. Most of the e-bikes use batteries half this size or smaller than this range. The e-bike can run for 110 miles per charge which seem an excellent output for any e-bike.

The Stromer ST2 S is the top speed e-bicycle which we can ride 110 miles with a full charge of the Di2 battery.

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