L’Oreal Smart Hair Brush

L'Oreal Smart Hair Brush

L’Oreal and Withings along with Kérastase brought a smart product for hair – L’Oreal Smart Hair Brush. It takes better care of your hair and can tell you the health of your locks and passes data to a mobile app that users download to track their grooming. The hair brush is equipped with a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology. These can be obtained with the Kérastase Hair Coach powered by Withings and a free smartphone app.

L'Oreal Smart Hair Brush

There are a number of factors that contribute to the health and manageability of your hair. How you brush your hair also matters more. A much forceful brushing of the hair may result in hair damage like split ends.

The smart brush contains a tiny microphone that records the sound of brushing. It detects if the hair is dry, wet or prone to breakage. That mic also works alongside a hidden three-axis load sensor that can measure the brushing force on your hair and scalp. It provides immediate haptic feedback if you’re brushing too hard. There are sensors built-in in the bristles that determine if the hair is dry or wet. Also, there’s a gyroscope and an accelerometer to count the average number of brush strokes and to measure the force used to brush the hair.

All this data is shared wirelessly with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. There’s a microphone that listens to the sound of your hair as you brush to detect correct or incorrect patterns in your technique. So the waterproof brush can adjust its analysis of your technique accordingly.

In addition, it collects environmental data like temperature, humidity, UV, and wind, from local weather forecasts. This information is used to give the user an overall hair quality score. It also provides tips on how to improve their brushing habits. This, in turn, improves the health of the hair.

The paddle feels light in the hand, despite having two AA batteries in its handle. And the brush itself is made of a combination of nylon and boar bristles.

L’Oréal played a big part in the development of the smart hair brush. The app also makes recommendations on what Kérastase hair care products a user should buy and use. The brush will be sold later this year through Kérastase salons, the brand’s website, and Withings’ e-commerce site. This may be owned for less than $200. Although L’Oreal has not named a more specific price.