ESET Internet Security

Internet Security

ESET Smart Security is an Internet Security suite that protects your computer from malware such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and rootkits. Not only guarding against these malware types, it protects you online. It helps you online by blocking phishing attempts and scanning email for threats. Furthermore, it protects against malware in external media, such as flash drives.

It helps in keeping your PC fully protected with the new features. The basic ESET package comes with one license. You are free to use this on your home computer, laptop or even your mobile device. But internet security is primarily used for computers and laptops. So you will need to purchase additional licenses in order to protect both PCs and mobile devices.

Installation and Design:

Installing ESET Security is quick and includes step-by-step instructions. The installation program can complete its downloading to get it ready to use in about 4 minutes. In addition, the installing process includes a pre-installation scan.

ESET Internet security v10 Interface hasn’t changed much over the old version. There’ve been some changes, still, the software designer didn’t update the software to meet the new Windows 10 style. But overall updated the main interface features in a clean, legible manner.


The suite includes specific modules for AV, anti-spam, anti-spyware, anti-phishing support tied into your browser. It includes a two-way firewall, parental control, and scanning social media sites, like Facebook and twitter. It doesn’t include online storage or backup. There are a few PC tune-up facilities. There are tools for activity monitoring and scheduling, but these aren’t as comprehensive as Windows’ own.

Internet Security

ESET produces anti-virus software for Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Although these aren’t included in Smart Security. You need to invest in Multi-Device Security to protect across platforms.

Anti-phishing is one of the improved features that directly impact your online security. Anti-phishing will enable you to prevent fake websites masquerading as trustworthy ones from acquiring your personal information. The strong personal firewall will stop hackers from accessing your computer and taking advantage of your personal data.

One of the powerful features is the parental controls which have fair control tools. Particularly for ones built into an Internet Security, you can create unique profiles for each member of your family. You can configure specific filters by choosing from the website categories and specific filter based on your child’s age.

There are some more features. ESET Internet security gives you control over any applications that use your network. You can block or allow applications. Moreover, if anything is chewing up too much bandwidth, you can identify it and close it. With the new Banking and Payment protection, the software will add a new browser secure layer when you are at banking Website. Besides, ESET Smart security proved Enhanced Potent Protection for your network based detection. This helps to reveal any possible threat on the network signatures.

To maintain proactive protection, ESET automatically updates itself to reduce your computer’s exposure to unknown threats. Using the powered Scanning will gather to ensure a faster scanning process. This uses our online file reputation database for whitelisting safe files.

Anti-virus Performance:

Resource usage during real-time protection was fair compared to the other tested Security suites. CPU usage has been typically just 2-4%. During manual scans, Real-time resource usage was using only about 0.9% of CPU memory.

A full-system scan or manual use 25% – 45%. CPU usage is not that good compared to some top rated product, but still is better than other AV software.

Anti-phishing and malicious website blocking were equally effective during our test. It is almost 97% with a clear blocking message.

Of all malware and Trojans, ESET Internet security was able to remove most of the viruses. There were three threats that needed additional work to clean. It asked permission before taking further action. After it’s done, it requires a reboot to finish the cleanup. ESET Internet security detected 91% of the pre-existing threats. It wasn’t a very high score compared to our best endeavors BitDefeneder Internet Security.

Testing the anti-Phishing and malicious website blocking ESET scores high. It was effective almost 96% during our test. ESET shows the blocking message when a malicious site is encountered.

Interface :

The interface of this Internet Security is rather lackluster with a simple menu down the left-hand side of the window and main features filling the rest of the panel. Though it’s easy enough to navigate. And windows are improved by one of the best-drawn androids.

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