Hair fall is one of the major issues almost every man and woman are suffering from. All the ladies are tired of counting the amount of hair they are losing every day. Along with hair fall, a person has to deal with baldness, hair thinning, dandruff, and greying.

Onion Oil

One of the main culprits that cause hair fall is pollution. We get exposed to pollution every day, it doesn’t matter how many steps we take to protect our hair from pollution, it still manages to cause a lot of damage, causing your hair to lose its shine day by day. Another reason why people suffer from hair fall is water. Hard and polluted water takes a toll on your hair. It makes your strands weak and drains out the natural oil from hair, which makes it more vulnerable to breakage. Since we cannot take care of pollution in a week or a month, we can take extra care to protect our hair by using all-natural and homemade oil to prevent hair damage and hair fall.

Onion oil is widely used in Ayurvedic treatment to improve the quality of hair and promote hair regrowth. All you need to do is to use this oil daily if you want to get the best results quickly.

Apart from promoting hair regrowth, onion oil provides many other benefits. In this article we have made a list of all the benefits you can enjoy if you use onion oil daily:

Here is the list of all 9 benefits of using onion oil:

  1. Onion oil contains antioxidants, which effectively optimize the hair growth cycle in a person. The oil boosts the functioning of certain enzymes, which prevent hair fall.
  2. Onion oil is also called magic oil because it promotes hair regrowth. If you use onion oil on a daily basis, it will effectively prevent baldness.
  3. Onion oil is also rich in sulfur. It prevents split ends, breakage, and thinning of hair. There are many other nutrients present in the oil which prevents the oxidation of hair. Onion oil also maintains the pH level of the hair, which prevents premature greying.
  4. The juice of the onion ensures that your hair is well nourished. Since it contains sulfur, the quality of hair follicles is going to improve significantly.
  5. If you massage your scalp and hair using onion oil on a daily basis, it will improve the blood circulation, thus ensuring stronger and thicker hair.
  6. If you use onion oil in your crown area regularly, it will effectively promote hair regrowth and also prevent infections caused by bacteria. It will also prevent the buildup of dandruff.
  7. If you want to increase the length of your hair, onion oil provides a cost-saving solution that will make hair your look healthier and stronger. It also promotes quick hair growth and prevents baldness.
  8. You can mix onion oil with any oil to increase the benefits. You can mix it with olive oil, coconut oil, and more to enjoy more benefits. Onion oil also improves the shine of your hair.
  9. Onion oil can also be used as a conditioner because it nourishes your scalp as well. It acts as the conditioner that prevents dryness. Use it a couple of hours before shampoo to the most out of it.

How to use onion hair oil on your scalp and hair:

Start by extracting the juice of the small onions to ensure that you get the direct benefits of onion without any added chemicals. In order to treat baldness, take a few drops of oil in your palm and massage it into your hair and scalp for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Let the oil sit in your hair for a couple of hours before you wash them using all-natural shampoo. To the most benefit, repeat the same process after every couple of days.

The best part about using onion oil is that you can mix it with any of your favorite oil like coconut oil to double the benefits. Warm the coconut oil and onion oil and massage it all over your scalp and length. Apply the before sleeping and rinse it in the morning using organic shampoo. It will not only prevent hair fall but also make your hair stronger, and improve hair growth.

Onion oil has been used for many years to treat baldness and prevent hair fall. If you also want to get rid of the problem of continuous hair fall, use either homemade onion oil or buy it from the Best Onion Hair Oil Online company that makes oil without using chemicals.

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