Tips and Tricks About Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an official Facebook app that lets you have text conversation with your friends on the social network. You can send text messages and images through this app. Most of the Facebook users installed the Messenger app because Facebook stopped allowing the users to send messages in-app. Messenger has been using by almost all the Facebook users and it has come long way since then. And now, it is packed with a great number of features.

Users might be aware of using Messenger in its basic level or else a little more than that. But the Facebook Messenger app have some hidden features that most of the users are not aware of.

Here are 8 tips and tricks to know more about Facebook Messenger.

1. Reaction on your face:

face reactions

There are a plenty of emojis with different reactions that we use in Facebook posts. Those reactions will be used while on a video call to put on your face. Suppose that you wish to show a crying face in the video call, then you can add the huge tear drops. There are fun features as such in the app. In a video chat screen, you’ll have these options at the bottom of the screen: Add filters, Masks, and reactions.

Tapping on the “Like” button will pop up different reactions for you. You can tap both of them with the camera pointing you and away from you.

2. Book a restaurant together:

book a restaurant

It happens that people make group plans when they wish to make trips. But making group plans is really tough. Do you think Messenger app would help you in your plans in any way? Yes! Moreover, it became easy to have a chat about where you want to go and when. The same will help you book a table and share the booking with the group. And so you need not discuss about who’s going to call for the bookings.

Simply tap the blue “+” symbol in the bottom left of the screen and then open the “Open Table app”. You can even share information about the restaurant with the group so it’s really easy to suggest places and come to a conclusion that everyone is happy with the whole plan.

3. Secret conversations:

secret conversation

If you want to share some sensitive information with your friend, Facebook Messenger will help you. The messages in this app are encrypted from device to device and are completely secured. There is an added features in this app that the messages can be automatically deleted after a certain time period of being seen them. They are two ways to share a secret conversation.

  1. Start a new message and toggle the symbol with a padlock. Then the display of the app will change to a darker color.
  2. Tap on the i logo on the top right corner of the screen and tap on “Secret conversation” if you are already in a chat with the person you want to share secret.

4. Create a Spotify playlist together:

spotify playlist

You can create a group playlist on Spotify in Messenger. How this can be achieved? Create a group with all the people you want to have control over the playlist. Tap on the blue + button on the bottom left corner of the screen and create a playlist. Finally, share it with the group. The main flaw with this Spotify is that you can add a single track at a time in the Messenger extension of Spotify. When all the group members follow the playlist, they will be able to play with the playlist in the Spotify app.

5. Play Games:

play games

Playing games is one of the best things that will make people feel free and relaxed between their works. Most of the people will have games on their mobiles. You have to play those games with the system. But the games introduced in the Messenger app will allow you to play games like Pac-Man with your friends. Thankfully, Messenger has games native within the app. You can even play Words with your friends to feel the real interactive experience.

To start a game, tap on the controller icon in the bottom right corner of the app. Select the game you want to play. Depending on the game, there will be options for selecting which friends you want to compete against.

6. Share a Messenger code:

share a messenger code

Nowadays, getting someone to find you on Facebook is getting more complicated, with many people having the same name. Messenger made this complication so easy that it provides a unique Messenger code for each user to be scanned to start a new chat. This is really a simple way to find new friends and start new chats.

To display or scan a Messenger Code, click on the blue square icon on the bottom of the screen. Then click on scan messenger code. You’ll then have the option to either take a picture of a code or display your own. Just point your phone’s camera at the code and you’re in a chat. This will be perfect if you have an incredibly common name or a complicated one.

7. Plan a holiday:

plan a holiday

Planning a holiday is not an easy task that involves so many decisions including flights, hotels, car hire. The KAYAK extension will help you in this case. It won’t really make any decisions but it helps you in the way to suggest ideas to the group. You can search for the flights and hotels individually, or even you can search for a tour planner which will be cool. Finally, you can share this with your group.

Tap on blue “+” icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and then tap on KAYAK logo. You will get into planning your holiday.

8. React to people:

react to people

Normally while chatting, we react to the things people say. There are some common reactions like lol, yeah. In Messenger you have these reactions by default so that you need not type them always whenever you need them to be sent.

Tapping on the small bubble with a little emotion next to the “+” button will let you see a rage of different reactions for some comments and speeches.

These are some of the tips and tricks you may not know about the Facebook Messenger app. Hope these tricks will help you in using the Messenger app to its best.

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