Google Keep Tips And Tricks

Google Keep

We often take note of whatever strikes in our mind so that even if it is erased from our mind, it would remain in the note. When we want to take notes or write a list, mainly we like it to be easy and fast. One such note taking experience can be achieved from Keep, Google’s note-taking app. Google Keep is the best note-taking app that is unlike the others such as Evernote, Onenote, etc.

Google Keep is reliable than other note-taking apps. Here are some of the tips and tricks to take notes in Google Keep.

1. Set Reminders :

Google Keep

Google Keep mainly is meant to take notes and set reminders for those notes. It’s easy with Google Keep to turn a note into a reminder if you want. The reminders can be set to go off at a particular time or place. Just tap on the button that looks like a “Hand with a string around the finger” on the top-right side of your note editing screen. You will find the required option there.

The note will appear as a reminder. You can set it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or at customized intervals. The time for the reminder can be set in the same way or edited for morning, afternoon, evening and night from the settings menu.

2. Organize Notes :

Google Keep

If you feel it’s a hard time to keep things organized, then Google Keep’s organizing process will really be in favor of you. You can organize all your notes in Google Keep using labels and colors. This looks very making it very neat looking and uncluttered. Organize your personal, work and other notes using labels, colors or both. Even if you have a lot of notes saved in Google Keep, this won’t let you have any trouble finding your notes later on. To set labels, tap on the three-dot button on the bottom right of your note editing screen. You can create as many labels as you like and assign one or more labels to the same note. The option to color notes can be found in the same way. You can choose from 8 distinctive colors to organize your notes.

3. Extract Text From Images (Android only) :

Google Keep

Google Keep also has a built-in OCR feature. Keep lets you capture any image with text or use one from your device’s Gallery. You can use the “Grab image text” option to save the text in the image as a note. You can find this options in the three-dot menu when you have added or captured a picture.

4. Get Creative :

Google Keep

If creating simple text notes just isn’t the only thing you want, use pictures, drawings and check boxes. This will make things more interesting. You can use pictures  if you want to keep notes with visual aids. Drawing on Google Keep is the same as doodling. So if you want to simply note down something, you can doodle it too. This can also be used to play Pictionary since these notes are shareable via WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Tick boxes are especially useful. For instance, these can be used while grocery shopping, planning a party etc. You can also set goals or keep a note of the things you want to buy. Finally, you can just tick off goals or items bought.

5. Collaborate :

Google Keep

Google Keep also works as a collaborative tool. All it means because it allows you to collaborate your notes with other people. You can share notes with friends, family and work in co-ordination. If you’re planning a party and you assign work to everybody, simply share a list of all the work and the members can tick off their progress as and when they do it. Notes that you have collaborated with other people are updated on all devices as soon as someone makes an edit, like ticking off a box.

6. Voice Notes :

Google Keep

If you don’t like typing a lot or even to draw, no worry! There is something inbuilt for you – “Voice recording”. This option in Google Keep is used to add a voice note. For instance, if you’re at an important seminar and would like to take notes fast. Just use the microphone option. It will create a voice note as well as convert it into text. To make a voice note, tap on the “plus” sign on the bottom left of the note editing screen and choose “Recording”.

7. Voice Commands :

Google now supports a number of Keep commands. You can use voice commands to find out the recent notes, or the upcoming reminders. If you have a list in your notes you can even give a voice command to add things to that list. For instance, if you want to add eggs to your grocery shopping list, just say, “OK Google add eggs to my shopping list”. Now Google Keep will add it.

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