Sincerely, the love for food is immeasurable. This is judged by the thousands of dishes that are made across the world. At times, it’s difficult to say which the tastiest dish is or which the best food is. Which are the best destinations that prepare and serve some of these cuisine dishes?


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If you scoured the planet, you will probably meet some of the dishes that will leave you mesmerized. As we take a look at some of the tastiest dishes around the world, feed your eyes and at the same time control your drooling. It’s a guarantee that some of these dishes will make you plan to travel to some of these destinations.

  1. Potato Chips prepared in Kingdom.

Up to date, it’s still unclear of the exact destination where the potato chips were born. A certain US legend suggests that the potato chips originated from New York back in 1853. However, some evidence of a similar recipe of small slices of potatoes fries appeared in a book written by William Kitchiner an English man in 1817.

Since the actual origin is not known, the potato chips recipe has spread all over the world. It’s among the world’s most chilled and friendly food. No matter the price, even if it’s sold at $5 a chip, people would still line up at the store to grab a packet.

  1. Spain’s seafood.

Imagine this, the sea water washing up to the shore where a table is set, washing your feet and the warm breeze that smoothly whips the table cloth that is around your legs and then a steamy, delicious pan of either lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish or mussels is served in front you. Sounds exciting right? Spain is known to make delicious seafood.

Most of these seafood dishes are combined with various herbs, white rice, salt, and oil sending you straight into a vacation mode. These dishes have a history of making people relocate to Spain due to the tasty plates of seafood.

  1. Singapore’s Chicken rice.

This dish is always referred to as the national dish. The dish consists of boiled or steamed chicken that is often served with an oily steaming delicious rice. It can also be served with well-sliced cucumber which serves as a token vegetable.

The variety that is served is soy sauce chicken or roasted chicken. The dipping sauces are perfectly made through various ingredients like pounded ginger, chili, and garlic. The sauce gives the dish that oomph making you think of the dish even when you are not in Singapore.

  1. Canada’s Poutine.

This is a dish comprising of smothered brown gravy and cheese curds. It may sound somehow disgusting, resembles even worse but perfectly engulfs the mouth when you take a bite. It’s cheesy, saucy and consists of fried-potato mix that will probably leave you craving for the last bite.

Canadians have noted that the dish is best served at 3 a.m. after having several bottles of beer.

  1. Japan’s Ankimo.

This dish is well praised in Japan just like the beef bourguignon recipe. The Ankimo is simply a chunk of monkfish that is grated with daikon on the lateral sides. Japanese chefs note that anyone who comes across the creamy monkfish liver will not forget the light delicacy. Each bite creates a lot of memories.

  1. Middle East’s Hummus.

The dish is very humble, well appreciated in the Middle East countries. It’s made up of garlic, chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice. However, the recipe has been borrowed across the world and many people around the world can prepare the dish. The dish is mostly served with meat, bread, beans or vegetables.

  1. Australia’s chicken parm.

Mozzarella cheese and melted Parmesan, garlicky tomato sauce and the peppery drizzled chicken fillet are what makes up this dish. The dish is said to have originated from Italy but Australian’s make it better.

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