Excel Tips

Excel tips

Excel is a very rare software among the most widespread software programs for organisations. It is used  consistently by managers and representatives in various commercial enterprises. But, in some events in which you work in a business organisation, there is a need for you to know certain Excel tips. And these Excel tips will make you shine in the view of your boss and obviously an important staff member.

1. Paste Formulae :

If you need to copy a bunch of formulae to another range of cells, this will be very helpful. Simply copy the cells containing the formulas (Ctrl+C). Now, press “ALT+E S F” (One key after the other). You can attain the same impact by dragging the formula cell to a new range if the new range is adjacent.

2. Pivot Table to Summarize Data :

A pivot table in Excel is essential. You can sort and categorise tabular information by using this pivot table. A pivot table is a basic necessity that your information will truly just be valuable if you’re ready to extrapolate implications from it. Let us suppose, pivot tables will help you with summarising your information and recognising patterns within that will help you do business more viably. You can also search for some helpful videos on the web if you don’t know how to make a pivot table in Excel. Adding these will allow you to expertise your resume and inspire your bosses.

3. Program a Macro :

As an Excel user, you should also be familiar with macros. Macros are programs that automatically record and execute a progression of commands with only a single direction. For instance, the click of a mouse. Macros are basically essential to use. This is because they can make any long and repetitive manual process extremely easy with the assistance of automation. So you need not invest energy buckling down rather you can let the project do the diligent work for you.

4. Change the color of various sheet name tabs :

To change the color of sheets, right click on “sheet tab”. Then select “Tab color” option to change the worksheet tab colors. Group them with similar colors if you have a lot of sheets.


Excel is a complete package of useful functions. However, there may not be any need for acquaintance with most of them. But, you must know how to utilise the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions. This will give you a chance to scan all through any table for a specific value. You can then automatically fetch the associated value.

VLOOKUP, which is also known as “Vertical Look-Up”. It will search the required data in the sections vertically from top to bottom. Likewise in HLOOKUP, you can hunt horizontally for the necessary information. Eventually, you’ll have the capability to search vast databases rapidly in light of the fact that you won’t need to do it manually. Doing it manually would take up a considerable measure of your time and result in blunders.

6. Instantly calculate loan installments using spreadsheet formula :

Let us suppose that your boss wants to own a beautiful car or a beach property. Before visiting the seller/banker for the monthly payment details, he can see how much his monthly loan payments would be. Thankfully Excel has the right formula to divide an amount to equal payment installments over a given time period. This is called the PMT function.

7. With such a large number of Excel functions, how to handle errors :

When you get to the proficient space of excel functions to streamline your work, you are sure to have errors, missing cells. These will lead to ruin your formulae. If there is an approach to discover when formulae contain mistakes, it becomes easy to handle. Well, there is an approach to see whether a cell has an error or a correct value. ISERROR function lets you know when a cell has errors.

With these Excel tips, you can automate a lot of long manual processes, save a lot of time, and mainly, your boss will be surely impressed.

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