Hacks To Take Amazing Photos With Your Smartphone

take amazing photos

Taking photos with your Smartphone has now become a common act whenever people are going out. Not only while outing, even in each and every step which we take regularly. It may be on the bed while getting up in the morning, early morning sunrise, excellent sceneries that we see in our surroundings, and for many such things, we would like to take amazing photos. These remain memories for our lifetime whenever we have a look at them.

Professionals use SLR or DSLR to take amazing photos whereas normal people use the Smartphones’ camera. And nowadays, the Smartphones are featured with a huge pixel and good lens that will let you take amazing photos almost like the DSLRs and SLR cameras. However, professional cameras have their unique way of presenting the result. And many of the smartphones are no less than cameras.

Even if the Smartphones camera is featured high, a few of its settings may also vary the result. So it makes it easy for the user to know some of its hacks to help you take amazing photos.

Here are some of the most useful hacks to let you take amazing photos with your Smartphone.

1. Composition:

Composing a scene involves a lot of things to be considered. Keeping the horizon in the middle of the screen creates a weird look of the scene that the viewer finds it difficult to whether look at the main image or the background. A few of the important rules of composition brings a great difference in the photography. If your photo has a poor composition, cropping the image can significantly improve the image.

2. Get close:

One of the issues with a Smartphone’s camera is the zoom tool. When we zoom the display or the picture to get a close image, the quality of the image gets disturbed and we get a distorted and noisy picture. Editing and cropping of the image should be less so as to get a better image. In landscape, you can zoom in on the subject and get a close image. Zoom in option will let you take even small images from where you would take it from normally. However, there will be a difference in the quality of the image.

3. Ditch the flash:

The flashlight from your Smartphone, while taking snaps, might not give perfect pictures always. The flashlight may be harsh making odd shadows and highlights. These badly affect the color of the pictures and even may mess up the pictures with reflections. The flashlight will be useful when you are taking pictures in the dark. Otherwise, it’s better to turn off the flashlight for all the times. The most important thing to be considered when not using the flashlight is the ideal place with natural light. So you can get better pictures with more natural light than the use of flashlight even in the day time.

4. Take extra time:

The phone cameras, in the beginning, were not much packed with the quality of the pictures. They were just featured with the phones. And now the cameras in the smartphone are almost similar to the cameras with not much difference in the picture. These smartphones cameras are capable of taking a crisp and clear picture as the cameras would take. But taking just a second or two extra times would let you take amazing photos with the smartphones now.

5. Use HDR moderately:

HDR (High Dynamic Range) helps you get the balanced exposure that has a lot of shadows and highlights in the picture. It can also create pictures that can turn you off and can be overused. As your phone is going to take several pictures in various exposures, you can definitely fall back to pick out one of the pictures if HDR blend goes worst. To get out of this, it’s better to leave HDR on Auto. In order to get good exposures, turn it off or you can use app dedicated to creating HDR pictures.

6. Use camera apps:

You may find the default camera app to just satisfy you. But there is a number of camera apps that can allow you take a variety of pictures that can give you amazing photos with more clear and distortionless images. Just upgrading your default camera app can do a better task to take amazing photos. You can even get most of the setting from the third-party apps. Not all the third-party apps are available for free. Some of them are paid apps that are worth the price. You can get one of these apps that you might find better for your Smartphone.

These are some of the hacks to take amazing photos using your Smartphones. Use these hacks to make your pictures seem more beautiful.

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