Best Online Tools for Hair Salon Business Growth

Best Online Tools to help your Hair Salon Business

Nowadays you can’t avoid your business online presence. In 2013, 77% of B2C companies acquired their customers or clients through Facebook. In 2017, there are 1.37billion people who log in to their social media networks on daily basis(as per statista). If your business is not online then you are avoiding 60% of the market. To acquire more customers or clients your hair salon business should have an online presence. It might through the professional website or Social Media Profile or any blog. Having all those for your business boosts your business to get more customers.If your business is online, not only you get new customers and you get feedback from customers easily which helps to improve your service and retain your old customers.

Is your Hair Salon business online? But still no growth. No worries. We have best online tools to help your hair salon business. The goal is simple we need to increase the business exposure and presence in your local area. But will those tools cost you to use? The answer is, Some of them available for free and some will cost you to use their premium features. We have discussed both and you can choose the right one for you.

1. Appointment Scheduling and Frond Desk Management Software

Picktime Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Picktime is a free web-based online appointment scheduling and staff scheduling software. You can use picktime to schedule your online & walk-in appointments, recurring appointments, staff management, track staff work time, appointment reminders(SMS & Email), Sync your Google or Outlook Calendar, manage multiple locations of your business, generate invoice and lot more. Picktime allows you not only to book an appointment for your hair salon services, it also allows you to take class bookings(group bookings) if you’re running any beautician courses occasionally.

The automatic reminders keep your customers and staff upto date about their service appointments which reduce customers no-shows. When no-shows get decreased, your profit will get hike automatically. There are many appointment scheduling software for hair salon which will cost you for monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions. If you are looking for best free scheduling software then Picktime is going to be our recommendation. Through Picktime, your salon is open to book appointments by customers 24/7. Why not take the advantage of Picktime.

 2.Social Media

Social Media For Hair Salons


With more than 2billion active users, Facebook remains no.1 social media networking website. If your hair salon business doesn’t have a facebook business page, create one right away. Invite all your customers to like your hair salon facebook page. Ask your friends and customers to share your facebook page on their timeline. This will show up your business in front of many eyes and gets branding awareness.


Do you think Instagram don’t have many users to grow your online hair salon business? Here is a statistical report to blow away your thought. Instagram had 500 million daily active users as on September 2016(Statista). Keep in mind we are in November 2017 and now it will be even more. So how to grab your target market for your hair salon business. Create an Instagram account for your business and start posting hairstyle images, your product images, beauty tips images on daily basis at least twice with proper hashtags. If your customer follows your business profile then tag them in each post. This will let them know about your post and product.


Pinterest is becoming much popular every day. In Facebook, you can create groups. In Google Plus communities but in Pinterest it uses another name called board and post as pins. You can create boards like Hair Products, Hair Styles, Testimonials, Bridal Hair, Salon Events and lot more. These are just my ideas to get started with Pinterest. Follow and comment on hair salon related board or pinners. Use related hashtags and best descriptions of your pins. Encourage followers through your hair salon website.

3. Professional Website

Having a professional website for your hair salon business not only increase sales but create more brand awareness. Marketing and Branding have become a basic necessity for any business. Having website alone won’t get your customers or sales. To drive traffic to your website has many steps like SEO, Social Media, and Online Ads. If you have Picktime Account, then you can place Book Now button on your website which will allow your customers to book appointments right from your website. We are not going to talk about how to drive massive traffic to your website as it is not possible to cover that single article. But having a website for your hair salon business is always recommended and highly beneficial.

4. Feedback Survey

Google Local Business Ratings

Send out a survey to get feedback about your salon or service or staff at the end of the day. It will give you a clear picture of where to improve your business. How do you do it? you can use Picktime review rating system or create an account with Jot form or Google form and send surveys manually. Submit your hair salon business in Google Local listing and ask customers to rate it.

5. Promotional Emails

Without promotions, no business will get an increase in their sales and revenue. A report says only 20% of your customer knows all about services you provide. So send your subscribers or customers a promotional email weekly or monthly about your best selling products, top rated services or new products. Don’t make it daily routine, it may irritate your customers.

6. Gift Certificate Promotions

Send your customers a reminder about your latest gift card incentives. Something as simple as, buy a $100 gift card for a friend or family member, get a $20 gift card for yourself! you can tell about your products discounts also when they use gift cards.


You have taken a small tiny step towards your growth of salon business. Implementing these tools one by one will be your next task. Don’t do it everything simultaneously and also doesn’t do it slowly because your competitors are there to pull your customers. Use Best Online Tools to help your Hair Salon Business and watch your business growth and enjoy the revenue.

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