The sapphire has been one of the most popular gemstones among people especially ladies. And it is not much difficult to figure out why. The shining crystal is a beauty that adds shine to every piece of jewelry that it is added to. No second thoughts on the fact that sapphires are beautiful, elegant, classy. After being spotted on Princess Diana’s engagement ring, royalty added to the beauty of the standard of sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire Jewellery

This gorgeous gemstone is a variation of the mineral corundum. Though it can be found in many other colors, blue is the most celebrated color of sapphire stone. Sapphires are commonly found in Australia, North America, Africa, Thailand, China, and many other regions across the world. With a massive digital outreach, people these days can easily search for sapphire jewellery online and find their perfect buy. 

The Importance of Sapphire Stone

Named after the Greek word for blue “Sappheiros”, it symbolizes truth, faithfulness, and sincerity. Gifting someone this beautiful stone means being true to them for life that makes sapphire a popular choice for engagement rings. The glossy blue color of sapphire stone looks so peaceful and serene that wearing it as a regular piece of jewelry can be an amazing decision. And considering the use of sapphire jewelry, it is one of the most durable gemstones that you will find. It is known to be tougher than a diamond. It will not scratch, chip, or get damaged easily. Sapphire stone has a different personality altogether that has the potential of grabbing anyone’s attention and is not as common as a diamond piece of jewelry. If by any chance you decide not to buy the blue sapphire, you can go with the other colors too. The vibrant pink color and sweet pastel sapphire are popular colors other than blue. Other than these, the pinkish-orange shade of sapphire gemstone known as padparadscha sapphire, yellow sapphire reflecting the golden sunshine, and white color sapphire for a diamond alternative can be bought. You can find various options in color, size, and variety of sapphires while buying sapphire jewellery online.

Buying a sapphire jewelry piece is not a small decision. Not only the jewelry piece is a little expensive but it will also reflect the emotional investment that you are making. To ensure this special investment is as beautiful as one can imagine and worth the money spent on it, here are some tips for you to consider before buying a sapphire piece of jewelry whether for your engagement or any other purpose.

Tips To Know Before Buying Sapphire Jewelry

The Color of Your Sapphire

This is the first and the most important thing to consider while purchasing a sapphire. 3 main things to look at while considering the color are saturation, tone, and hue.

Saturation depicts in what amount the color is present in the stone. It varies from little saturation to high saturation.

While saturation denotes the amount, tone refers to the shade. Tone decides how lighter or darker the color is of the gemstone.

Hue refers to the color of the gemstone. Apart from the blue sapphire, people have the choice to buy yellow, green, purple, green, pink, and white sapphires too.

The Clarity of Your Sapphire

Normally, sapphires have slight visible inclusions in them. Though for many gemstones, inclusions are known to be a negative factor including diamonds but finding a sapphire without any inclusion is very rare and can prove to be heavy on cost too. Small and fine lines that run through the inside of the sapphire are known as needles. While evaluating the clarity of your sapphire, you must go for the stone that has slight inclusions rather than the eye-clean ones.

The Cut of Your Sapphire

The cut of your sapphire will determine and bring out the beauty of this stone better. There are various shapes that a sapphire can be cut into such as round, cushion, oval, pear, radiant, and marquise. You must view your stone in the light to look at the symmetry of the cut. If a stone has not been cut with symmetry, it will not reflect the light.

The Weight of Your Sapphire

The sapphire is one of the heaviest gemstones. If you buy a sapphire that is of the same carat as that of a diamond, it will be smaller in size. The larger the sapphire is, the higher the number of carats, and the cost too.

Are Synthetic Sapphires Fake?

No, synthetic sapphires are not fake. If you are a little tight on budget, you can try synthetic sapphires as they are quite affordable. Besides some minute differences, both natural sapphires and synthetic sapphires are the same be it chemically or physically.

Sapphires are a precious gemstone that needs proper care. Though it is durable enough to resist any scratch, chip, or damage, you can clean it with mild soapy water using a soft brush and gently scrub off the dirt. Use a soft cloth to dry it out.


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