How To Fix Your Phone After You Dropped It In Water

5 things to do when you drop your phone in water

Nowadays usage of the smartphone all over the world become very high and the smartphones come out with many technologies. If you drop your smartphone in water then you cannot use it anymore. It’s dead.

Some smartphones come with the Water Resistance feature, many smartphones don’t have it. It is very difficult to use those smartphones and have to be more cautious. Although smartphone companies provided a warranty on their phones, these companies will not be able to get the smartphones fallen off the water. So be careful when using smartphones.


If the smartphones fall off in saline water, the metal parts and parts of the electronics will be severely affected and therefore recovery opportunity to those phones are minimal. The smartphones that fall in normal water can then be recovered by a specific process.

Battery & SIM:

The smartphone’s battery and sim card should be removed from the water. And the removal of the attachment components, such as the memory card, should be removed first.

Hair Dryer:

A smartphone falling off the water should not be dried by a tool like a hair dryer, and then the smartphone will be significantly affected.

Charging Port:

For the charging port, it is good to wipe with clean clothes.

Clean cloth:

Wiping the smartphone with clean clothes is good and it is good to use the cloth for a limited time. If the phone is not working even after wiping with the cloth, then it is very difficult to recover it.

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