5 Modern Innovations We Can’t Live Without

5 Technologies We Can't live Without

The twenty-first century is home to a lot of technology that has made life easier for everyone. When you think about it, it’s incredible how technology has evolved over the years. From the usual telephones to cell phones, cd players to iPods, and the internet!

Life keeps getting better. Technology is a part of our everyday lives, and it is very convenient when we go about our day to day activities. These technologies have become such a necessity for us that those of us who haven’t lived without technology before may find it difficult to go about their daily activities. Below is a list of technology that is used on a daily basis.


Some people would say that the internet is man’s greatest invention. It is practically being used anywhere and at any time. The internet connects everyone using a variety of electrical devices. The number of internet users has gone up since 2016 with Asia taking the lead with more than half of the world’s internet users.

The internet is being used to connect with people all over the globe, for research, for marketing and promotions, business conferences, delivering the news. If you are looking for something, log on to the internet. You will have your answer in a matter of seconds.


Smartphones, or cellphones, are lifesavers and is a useful invention. A cell phone allows you to communicate with another person; you can connect to the internet, take pictures and listen to music, read or watch a video, play games, and helps you navigate the area whenever you feel like you get lost.

The cellphone can do a whole lot more since it allows you to install different applications like journals, sports, and health, honestly, the list is long and possibly endless. You can use the trusty internet so you can install a particular application.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner help makes our homes and works environment comfortable to be in. It is also convenient since we can adjust the temperature whenever we want. However, air conditioners usually take up too much space due to its size and bulk.

Luckily for us, inventors have managed a way to produce slim profile air conditioner that is 40 percent more compact than the usual units we use. This slim air conditioner allows more light into the room due to its small size. Is summer finally over? You can store the sleek but simple air conditioner under your bed.


It seems like everyone is traveling nowadays and they don’t even use a map. No. They use the GPS or the Global Positioning System. Some devices and applications connect to the GPS which helps travelers to navigate their way in an unfamiliar place.

By simply inputting the place where you want to go, the GPS will easily give you the best routes to reach your destination. If you are good with technology, you can even use the GPS to find someone. You have probably seen movies where one of the characters used the GPS to find someone through their phones or device trackers.


There are smartphones, and then there are smartwatches. Smartwatches look like your regular watch until you take a closer look. You will find that it has features that your regular watch doesn’t have. Brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and Asus have seen the benefits and potential of producing watches that can do more than tell the time and time.

Let’s us use Samsung as an example. Samsung has developed a smartwatch Samsung Gear S3, the third smartwatch that Samsung made and has matched this with the Apple Watch 2.

Aside from telling time, the Samsung Gear S3 has a built-in GPS and altimeter that would allow you to navigate the area easily. It also has water tracking and will help you monitor your heart rate. If you are planning on going for a swim, you won’t need to worry about the watch getting wet since it is water resistant.

The Gear S3 can also connect with smartphone devices because of its near-field communication (NFC). You can only connect to a smartphone device if it’s within 4 meters. If your phone is Apple, Samsung has developed an app that would allow you to pair your Samsung smartwatch to an Apple smartphone.

The smartphone also has access to Wi-Fi and LTE, so you can listen to Spotify, but it won’t allow you to download the songs. Be careful though since this will drain the battery faster.

The world is continually evolving, and the technologies mentioned above are only five out of a hundred technologies that people use on a daily basis. Technological devices are getting smaller and smaller while its features are numerous. It makes you wonder what else is in store in the world of technology.

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