Best uTorrent Alternatives for Windows and Mac OS X

uTorrent Alternatives

uTorrent was the best Bit Torrent client for your Mac or PC in some time. Without annoying ads and much limitation, it allows downloading the desired torrents. While it comes to downloading people have enough reasons for not choosing uTorrent as the things have changed.

The reasons range from the set of damned advertisements to the junkware you get on your Mac or PC. You have better option to go for in this world of ad-haters.Firstly we should thank the passionate developers in Open World scenario.

Many BitTorrent clients in a peer-to-peer manner are available, on concord, it’s about whether you choose the right one. It is possible to have both web-based and PC-based solution for torrent downloading.

You can select the one you feel the best and find it appropriate. List of the best uTorrent alternatives are detailed below:



Deluge is an awesome uTorrent alternative when you need it available on both Mac and Windows. Deluge is available for Linux-based computers. This makes it more or less a cross-platform solution to grab your torrents, quite smoothly. Using Deluge you may not have any problems as a  common PC user. That issues are not only due to its familiarity, but also the simpler interface. You don’t have to compromise features when you are shifting from uTorrent to Deluge.

Despite the similar User Interface, you don’t have any advertisements is the best part of Deluge. There is support for all your downloads and Web UI. Tasks are encrypted, that means you are somewhat safe in the long run. Additionally, there is even an option to install Deluge in server architecture and remote-control is also possible. When you need wide support for platforms and features, Deluge is an awesome choice.



qBittorent is a variation in uTorrent-like torrent downloading solution that comes without the messing up ads. This is simply the best open source alternatives for uTorrent. Thus, giving the freedom of use even without putting some unuseful ads where ever not necessary. qBittorent is available for a variety of operating systems that includes Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows despite being open source. You don’t have to compromise features either.

There is an easy-to-get-accustomed-to User Interface of qBittorent as we said. This does make it easier for common users. The UI is simple enough that you can get the best torrent downloading experience in the Windows scenario without many glitches. There are a sidebar, progress bar and the toolbar with a lot of required information on the torrent being downloaded. You can count qBittorent for both Mac and Windows when you need a simple-enough uTorrent alternative with not much of features.



BitTorrent is available as a software to download the torrents you want if you don’t know. Finally, it becomes one of the effectual alternatives to uTorrent, with more or less the same User Interface and all. There are some perks of being a kind of official client. For instance, you are going to get ultra speed delivery and file downloading speeds and built-in bandwidth booster. This helps you to optimize bandwidth usage in the long run.

The other important thing of BitTorrent is that a Pro version is also available, as the solution is from a commercial firm. You can have additional features just like BitTorrent Remote if you want. Using that you can do remote downloads and related stuff. There is a subscription service you can opt in for. BitTorrent is available for not only Windows but also for Mac and Android. Making it one of the best cross-platform uTorrent alternatives. We would say that it’s a superb choice in any case.



Transmission is itself called an easy, fast and free BitTorrent client. You can use for downloading torrents you need. For Windows-based computers, Transmission isn’t available. When you are looking for the best uTorrent alternative for Mac or Linux, Transmission is an awesome choice. You are going to get easy and a truly minimal ways to use the torrent downloading solution if you have a Linux or a Macintosh system. It has to be noted that Transmission is available for some other platforms such as in Terminal and as a Web Client, which is a good thing for Pro users.

Despite its seemingly-rudimentary design philosophy, when we get into Transmission, there is no necessity to scare about features. For instance, you even have the option to install Transmission on another server and control it from your PC. The torrent part works just fine. Some of its features are port forwarding, web interface and there’s a tighter level encryption etc, from the BitTorrent technical point of view. You can go with Transmission for the unprecedented simplicity of the UI it has.



Tixati is another variation that is free-to-use, extremely powerful and simple BitTorrent client. It is the good alternative you can get for uTorrent. You don’t have to be afraid of mess-up advertisements, spyware as opposed to common free stuff despite being completely free to use. You can enjoy the experience in your Linux or Windows-based computer. But, Tixati isn’t available for Mac. We would call it pretty basic if we are to talk about the UI of Tixati. As its whole panel consists of a few tabs and buttons. For instance, you can check out different sections in different tabs. It consists of a lot of other features too.

An extra powerful algorithm has been used in Tixati along with the up-to-date compliance to BitTorrent standards. This is useful if you need additional speed. There is a better peer-selection process similarly, IP filtering, RC4 encryption for connections, event scheduling, in-detail management of bandwidth etc. This can be seen that the features include both the common ones and pro ones. Making Tixati suitable for different users. Tixati becomes an awesome uTorrent alternative you can trust when we add one of the easiest installation processes into the feature list.

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